Originally inspired by the beautiful and vibrant people of Guatemala, Ladies of Paradise strives to echo and fuse traditions from cultures around the world.


Caught between the realms of the free-spirited, yet remaining deeply rooted within the essence of earth, LADIES OF PARADISE crafts accessories that both effervesce and pacify.  Bringing together unique and hand-crafted textiles from such countries as India, Turkey, Thailand, Afghanistan, Spain, and of course Guatemala – each piece, fabric, and clasp is hand selected from the local region.


LADIES OF PARADISE was founded by Jade Daniels, who used her childhood spent in Panama and Puerto Rico to and instill the vibrant palette you see being used throughout the pieces.

The name LADIES OF PARADISE derives from the women of San Juan la Laguna in Lake Atitlan,  Guatemala. To this day, they employ the traditional weaving and dyeing methods of their Mayan ancestors – from picking and stretching the cotton, to dying it with fruits, vegetables, and even roots.  Their painful attention to detail and craftsmanship finds its way into every product, and their effort is the catalyst for the entire collection.