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Jade Daniels

Co-Founder & CEO

Creating a lifestyle brand is all about transition, adaptation and innovation. Jade Daniels spent her childhood moving around the world and quickly developed a knack for making friends and adapting to new situations. This was practice for the future, were she grew to become the ultimate connector and networker. Jade finds true happiness in bringing people together and making sure her friends and family are the happiest versions of themselves. She founded Ladies of Paradise in 2014 after earning a degree in Public Relations at the University of Houston, and as she transitioned to the cannabis industry after moving to Oregon, Ladies of Paradise joined her. 

Meet the ladies

Harlee Case


Creative Director

Lead Photographer

Harlee Case is a Portland-based stylist, photographer, creative director and co-owner of Ladies of Paradise. A talented musician, Harlee has always held a strong presence in whatever room she’s in and emanates passion, determination and a gift for creativity and thinking differently than the rest of the world.  “Hustle hard, know your worth, and work with women.” Harlee Case is a total badass, and the flare that keeps Ladies of Paradise shining bright.

Leighana Martindale

COO & Event Coordinator

Every team needs a strategist; a planner, someone to keep everyone in check. For Ladies of Paradise, Leighana Martindale is that girl. After mastering her cannabis craft working for 3 years as the manager of a Eugene dispensary, Leighana joined the LoP team to pursue her true passion: event planning. These days she spends her time doing that, plus so much more. From keeping everyone on the team organized to finding new clients and brands to work with, Leighana is the glue that holds Ladies of Paradise together.

keasha brown

Creative Assist

Each girl at Ladies of Paradise wears a lot of hats for the team and for Keasha Brown, they’re always vintage. Keasha holds it down as our creative assistant, social media guru, set designer and store manager. Yes, seriously. After attending school for interior design, Keasha jumped on the LoP team right away and blessed us with every skill she has. Without Keasha, life at Ladies of Paradise would be a little bit boring.

Madeline Leigh

Marketing Strategist

Madeline Leigh is a powerhouse strategist and marketer, concentrated on cannabis. The Ladies of Paradise and Madeline first collaborated while she worked for PDX-based cannabis distro + brand house LTRMN. Her desire to connect with female-focused companies and foster a more collaborative community led to her joining LOP and navigating the transition into products, like Lady Jays.

Alisha Lorentz

Graphic Design

Ladies of Paradise is known for its eclectic, over-the-top aesthetic, and Alisha Lorentz is the graphic designer who helps make it all look fabulous. Shortly following her Oregon State education in design, Alisha accepted a job in Sydney, Australia where she demonstrated her skills at a creative agency and worked with brands like Lululemon on elaborate store displays. She joined the Ladies of Paradise team after moving back to Portland and now creates digital graphics, packaging, creative decks, event + prop design, and more. Alisha was the missing puzzle piece we needed to call Ladies of Paradise a full-blown creative agency.