We,  The Agency

When we say “We”, we mean Ladies of Paradise, our company. It’s also known as LoP. 

You, The Client

When we say “You”, we mean your company. See “Business Details.


This refers to the item(s) that we will provide to you. It could be intellectual property, digital content, or actual physical things that we will deliver to you. These items comprise “the project”.

The Project

This refers to the entire scope of work, i.e. all of the deliverables as a whole.



Ladies of Paradise will keep your confidential business information, confidential. Details about your company or your product will remain confidential, and we would ask that you do the same if any intellectual property, business details, or event plans etc. are discussed. By signing this you agree to keep our secrets, secret for a period of 5 years. Sharing sensitive information with anyone, especially other industry related businesses will not be permitted. This contract serves as a nondisclosure agreement.


Any content you provide to us does not belong to Ladies of Paradise at any point, and you retain the copyright for this IP throughout the process. Any concept presented to you by Ladies of Paradise is the property of Ladies of Paradise. You may not give these designs to another designer, or use them for another project without the written consent of a Ladies of Paradise representative. After the project completes and your invoice is paid, the chosen concept’s copyright will be transferred to you. Any concept you do not choose that is presented to you by Ladies of Paradise remains the sole property of Ladies of Paradise. Ladies of Paradise reserves the right to use these designs for our own promotion, i.e. on our website and Instagram etc. as an example of our work. We will always credit you when we use your work to gain new clients either via social media, our website, or printed marketing materials. All pre-existing trademarks and copyright material (“Intellectual Property”) owned or controlled by either party, shall remain the sole property of said party. 

The Scope of Work

The scope of work refers to the content that we will create for you. The items entered in the form below will be considered the scope of work, i.e. the project.


Client Responsibilities

Client acknowledges that they shall be responsible for performing the following in a reasonable and timely manner. 

  1. Delivery of product

  2. Communication of Expectations 

  3. Payment

Deadlines and Scheduling

If you do not meet your deadlines [i.e.: payments, product delivery, etc.], this will push the overall deadline, and LoP cannot be held responsible for this. We will do everything in our power to ensure the deadlines above are met. If something comes up that is out of our control, we will communicate that with you as soon as possible, i.e. production deadlines are pushed at our manufacturers request etc.


During this process you will be given proofs. Depending on the nature of your project, these proofs may be digital, physical, or both. Digital proofs will be delivered to you via our online system called “Ashore”. We will contact you via email, slack, or verbally to let you know a proof is ready for your notes. Ashore will also generate an email to you. This email could come from an “@ladiesofparadise” email or from “noreply@ashoreapp”. Please add “noreply@ashoreapp” to your email contacts to ensure delivery of proofs.  If we have advised you that a proof is awaiting your approval and you have not located it, firstly, please check your spam folder, and secondarily, notify us.

For packages, after we’ve looked at a digital (soft copy) proof, we will obtain a physical (hard copy) proof for you. If this will incur a cost from a printer, we will notify you of that ahead of time. This proof could either be handmade by us or from a printer. In all likelihood you will see both.


The proofing system will be kicked off our  initial concepts. After we have our initial design meeting with you, we will present you with a design concept. We will usually provide you with two concepts, we may provide more at our discretion, but you’ll always have two concepts to choose from. These concepts may appear very similar or different depending on your project specs.

[Photography] Proofs / Choosing Selects

We will show you all of the images captured at our photoshoot of your product. You may select as many of these images as you would like. The number of images included in your package are listed on the signature page. If you want additional selects, they will be charged per photo. See our prices at

[Photography] File Release

Upon completion of the project, we will release your chosen selects to you in a high resolution .jpg or .png format. We do not send raw file types.


[Design] Rounds of Changes

We factor in 2-3 rounds of changes into the overall project cost, depending on the design package you have selected. This number should be listed in the “costs” section of this contract. But what is a round of changes? A round of changes is any change made to the piece(s) after the initial concept is sent. This could mean supplying us with a document with 10 changes or with 1. So please bundle your changes together as much as possible. We do this to avoid too much back and forth, because time is money for both you and us. If you want a change that is to be applied to every item (i.e. change all instances of orange to blue, or change the terms and conditions of all products to “x” this will deduct one change from all items affected. 


If we need to correct a mistake that we made, we won’t count that as a change. 


If you need additional work done after you have run out of rounds of changes, we’re happy to work with you, but we will have to begin charging at an hourly rate of $105 per hour (for graphic design only). This additional fee will be charged in 15 minute increments, with a 15 minute minimum. Our prices can be found on our website at

The flow should look like this.


Initial Concept

Round of Changes 1

Round of Changes 2

Round of Changes 3 (optional depending on package chosen)

Final Artwork Created (any additional changes to this will incur additional fees)


[Design] File Release

Print Ready Files

At the completion (see completion section)  of the project, we will provide you with high-res PDFs that are ready to send to virtually any printer.


Native Files

Native files are the working files, usually in InDesign or Illustrator that have full editing control. After the project is completed (see completion section), and the invoice is paid, we will be happy to send you these files for your own records. Ladies of Paradise will do its best to archive a copy in the event that you lose yours, but we can’t guarantee we will have it on hand after 12 months have elapsed, so make sure yours is backed up in two locations for your protection.


If the project is terminated part way through, we will not release our native files. This protects us from clients dumping us after we’ve done the leg- work, and getting someone else to wrap it up. This is obviously the worst case scenario, so we will do everything in our power to ensure you have a great experience working with us.

Pricing and Payments

We require a 50% deposit to be paid before the work begins. Please pay that amount within one week of the signing of this contract to ensure your project is not delayed. Upon the project’s completion (see completion section) we will send you an invoice for the remainder of your bill with any additional costs the design work may have incurred. You will be made aware of any additional costs and you’re approval will be obtained. These could be the costs of getting certain kinds of proofs, or shipping etc., for example. If for some reason the project is terminated by you, we will send you an invoice for the parts of the job that have already been completed, as well as the hours spent on uncompleted parts of the project.


Our preferred method of payment is by check. Please make checks out to “Ladies of Paradise”. If this method will not work for your business we can discuss other options with you.


You will have 10 business days to send payment to us after we provide you with an invoice. If you fail to pay within 10 business days, you will be charged a 10%  late fee. The late fee will be charged consecutively every business day after that. Please communicate with us if you cannot make your payment and we can consider alternative options. (Your invoice will have these terms on it as well.)


Completion of the Project

The project is considered completed when you have paid your final invoice. We will then supply the assets outlined in the scope of work. Once our work is completed, we will send you an invoice for the remainder of your payment, minus any deposits paid. We will then releases files to you.


Termination of the Project

The project may be terminated by either party at any time. If you terminate the project, we will send you a bill for the work we have completed and print ready files of any parts of the project that have been fully designed. We will not release native files in this event, or incomplete files  in this event. 


Burden; Benefit

This Agreement shall be binding upon, and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their successors and permitted assigns. 



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have executed this Agreement as of the date first written above.