We are storytellers.

From logo design to packaging systems, we approach each project with your vision and our creativity. 
DESIGN & Branding

Product &



Take your product images and social media presence to a higher level with artfully styled and curated editorial shots.

We combine diverse models, eclectic styling, and unique sets to create photo series that take you higher than a spaceship.


Connect to your consumers.

Styled, personalized content for your social accounts 


photography takes your product from concept to reality. Show your consumers who you are and what they could become.


Product Photography

Connect your customers with your products

Your limitation is only your imagination.

We produce beautifully lit, simple (or extravagent) images suited for ecommerce, digital marketing, and print.

Event Production

With unique, otherwordly themes, Ladies of Paradise parties connect brands with consumers in a casual but funky environment. Event sponsors are included in our marketing materials, and are given dedicated branded spaces at our events.


They're the funky, inclusive cannabis events you always wish you were invited to - And you are! Follow our instagram or join our mailing list to get your invite to our next party.

Brands we've worked with

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