Client: Lady Jays

Retro Miami vice meets divine feminine energy: The Lady jays Brand

Fly high baby, the wold is yours.

Lady-Jays-All Together-Satin-150DPI-min.

Lady Jays is a pack of 10 half gram joints designed to appeal to women and reduce the amount of plastic created by the cannabis industry.

Single joints are often sold in plastic tubes, and don't hold enough cannabis to meet growing consumer demand. 

The Brand Kit

The Fonts


Proxima Nova

The Colors

Sales COllateral

Marketing Collateral

The Lady Jays brand was designed to be funky, cool, and feminine. It's collateral needed to be just as appealing to women, and fashion forward.

Trade Show Experiences

Lady Jays Trade Show Booth Mockup 01-min


Lifestyle photography taken by Ladies of Paradise.