Client: Oshihana

Vintage playboy meets modern cannabis:

The oshihana packaging system

Have better sex.


Elegant, simple, inviting. THe oshihana packaging system is everything we wanted to make, and we delivered.

Oshihana All Together-OPTIMIZED.png

Oshihana had a vision and a formula. What they lacked was a packaging system to communicate the brand to consumers.

The Brand Kit

The Fonts

Eloquent JF Pro Italic

Proxima Nova

The Pattern

The oshihana patterns was handcrafted based on an original painting. It wraps carefully around each of the packages creating an elegant, seamless look.



In addition to the packaging system, we designed stunning collateral using photography provided by Oshihana co-founder Lindsey Wynn
We designed the layout, crafted renders of products, and wrote sections of the copy alongside Oshihana.


See the live site here. Oshihana wanted a site that read like print, and paid homage to vintage Playboys with beautiful photos and a creamy palette.
iMac Mockup_02_150DPI-min.png

Other Collateral

Oshihana-Pullup-Banner_Mockup01_Clear co

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