• leighanalynn

13 Positive Affirmations for Overcoming Fear and Paranoia

For some Friday the 13th is a spooky day, for others it's a day when you stand in line all day to get a free tattoo! Whichever you are, it's always a good day to be intentional, practice that New Year Highest You lifestyle, and say some positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations have been scientifically proven to increase the quality of life, so why aren't we saying these more often and empowering ourselves? Because we forget how well this practice of saying daily affirmations actually works for shifting our mindset and keeping a positive and grateful attitude.

Because Friday the 13th comes with a lot of baggage, myths, and superstitions we can feel extra triggered. So let's go over 13 affirmations we can use for focusing on safety, protection, clarity, guidance from our intuition, and overcoming fear and paranoia.

How to use Daily Affirmations:

When you are doing daily affirmations, you can do them from virtually anywhere and even think them silently to yourself. But I find them to be most effective when said out loud and repeated 3 times.

  1. Find a comfortable space and relax.

  2. Get your affirmations ready and easily accessible.

  3. Take some deep breaths and set a few positive intentions.

  4. Begin reading your affirmations.

  5. Repeat 3 times.

13 Affirmations for Overcoming Fear & Paranoia

  1. I am connected to life source

  2. I am a divine being

  3. I am protected by the light

  4. I am deeply connected to my intuition and hear when it speaks to me

  5. I have a clear mind, am alert and have control over my thoughts

  6. I am grounded

  7. I am at ease, and can easily shift to good feeling thoughts and vibrations

  8. My chakras are aligned

  9. I am safe

  10. I am protected

  11. I am vibrating at a higher frequency

  12. I am giving love and receiving love without conditions

  13. I am a divine being who is protected on my journey

Remember that you have the power to control your mindset. You are able, you are capable, and I believe in you! Be sure to stay aware and safe out there this Friday the 13th, especially with Coronavirus - wash your hands and know that IT WILL ALL BE OKAY.