• Keasha

5 ways to get creative in quarantine

This year is about sustainability, so why not get creative with items you already have at home. Below I've listed 5 ways to cure the quarantine blues!

1. Make your quarantine crush a playlist: Nothing says I'm into you like a good old fashion mixtape. Since this isn't the 1980's, Spotify will have to do. This is the perfect quarantine gift because you don't even have to make contact with them. I said 6 ft people! Get into your zone and express yourself through your favorite jams! Even if you don't have a honey you're pining after, do it for you! This season is about self love baby.

2. Tie Dye: We know you have multiple white shirts with stains and socks that need some love, so dye them! Plus, the 1990s are back...again! Put on your dads hand me down Grateful Dead album and get to it. . If you're anything like me you probably have a personal stash at home from all the Dave Matthews Band shows you've attended. If you're not on the Dave train here's some fruits and veggies you can use as a natural dye. Sustainability is sexy!

  • Oranges

  • Red Cabbage Leaves

  • Beats

  • Spinach

  • Onions

3. Collage: Unsure of what to do with all those old magazine you have lying around? Dust them off, grab some scissors and get to clipping! Making a mood board/collage is the perfect way to visualize your manifestations you've been journaling about, or to simply make art . Join us and Upper Left Ladies on April 22nd for a virtual crafting moment! Lady Jays will be provided with purchase. Link with more details below.

Clip & Quarantine

4. Rearrange your home: Feng Shui is important y'all! This task is not only free from cost but it also frees up all that stagnant energy. I love lighting up a CBD joint and rearranging my home! This is something that always leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired!

5. Repot your plants: We all have plant babies that need a little TLC, this is the perfect opportunity to give them some affection. If your plant is one of these 5 is doing one of these 5 things, its time!

  • Your plants are too big for their pots

  • The roots are growing out of the drainage holes

  • Water isn't absorbing

  • The soil is dried out

  • It’s been years since you repotted them

Plants are friends too, give them the love they deserve!

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