• Emily Jay

5 Ways You Can Tap Into Your Zen

Summer and fun is approaching quickly, but there’s no question that a little peace and healing is still needed this year after experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions that 2020 gave us. Celebrate the transition from Spring to Summer and clear out your chakras, while still being COVID safe with an online yoga class.

Some of these yoga instructors are even cannabis activists themselves and even incorporate it into their classes. Nevertheless, any of these channels would pair well with your favorite active or relaxing strain of cannabis (or may we even suggest a pack of Delta 8 by Lady Jays?).

With these yoga channels, get ready to tune in to yourself, drop whatever isn’t serving you, and get ready to celebrate the most peaceful 4/20 you can imagine.

1. Yoga With Minelli

If you’re feeling stressed and out of place, definitely go check out Minelli Eustacio-Costa’s YouTube channel. She has created beautiful long-form practices that are quickly available to you with just a click of a button. They are masterfully edited and have mood-enhancing music to go along with the poses. Plus, she even smokes on camera for her Cannabis Enhanced series, which is great for a sense of community even though you’re not in the same room. Her slow-paced practice is great for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Don’t know where to start? Her Calming Yoga video is great for those who are looking to relax their soul while her Slow Burn class is a great workout for those who want more of a challenge.

2. Ganja Yoga

Starting in 2009, Dee Dussault first coined the phrase and started her own public cannabis yoga studio in San Francisco. Since then, it has exploded into a great sense of community, activism, and, of course, wellness. Check out her sample class video on her YouTube channel to see what it’s all about. If you like what you see you can head over to Ganja Yoga’s official website and start a 7-day free trial of Ganja Yoga Online to keep the good vibes of 4/20 going all week long.

3. Highlites

If cannabis advocacy, self-study, and community care sound like the stuff that you could put in your bowl and smoke, Highlites is definitely the place for you. Founder Danielle Olivarez and her team offer cannabis-infused yoga classes in both Spanish and in English. They also offer classes in cannabis education, activism, and wellness like Reiki and color healing. Check out their Instagram or their website for the newest updates.

4. Jessamyn Stanley

Are you looking for an online yoga class that promotes body positivity and helps you break through emotional and mental blocks? Look no further than Jessamyn Stanley’s YouTube channel! Famous for being a yogi who breaks all the stereotypes, Jessamyn brings an uplifting approach to her classes while celebrating all different kinds of body types and forms. When you follow along with her videos like her recent Yoga on High class, you’ll be asking yourself “how do I feel?” rather than “how do I look?”

5. Boho Beautiful

When she first launched her channel in 2014, Juliana Spicoluk’s yogi-centric YouTube channel has quickly become a one-stop-shop for all things health and wellness. In addition to yoga, she offers guided meditations, pilates classes, and vegan recipes to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Plus, her visuals in her videos like her class for Stress and Strength and her Detox Yoga are filled with stunning visuals which can only be further enjoyed after puffing on your favorite strain!