• leighanalynn

A Day with Lady Jays Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

So Delta aka delta 8 hemp aka D8 is the hot new item in the world of hemp and legal cannabis, and let me tell you, people are loving it! In case you haven't heard of Delta 8, it is a minor cannabinoid and a close relative to Delta 9 (the cannabinoid that gets you high). Why Delta 8 is so popular is because it has not (yet) been outlawed by the feds, meaning it is currently legal to purchase online and have sent to you in the mail, even states like Vermont, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina!

We've featured Delta 8 on the Ladies of Paradise blog and to learn more you can check out our blog What is Delta 8?. But we really wanted to showcase what it's like smoking D8 flower, so we decided to do a Day with D8, where I (Leighana Lynn) take you on a journey of my day while getting lit on Lady Jays D8 pre-rollls!

Enjoy the journey..

Wake + Bake

No but literally, I am a wake and bake kinda gal. Theres nothing better than getting a nice buzz going before you hop into the shower! And the effects of the Delta 8 did just that!

I turned on my current favorite hype playlist, Gassed & Glowing✨, smoked my joint and danced for about 30 minutes before hopping into a hot shower. The euphoric high paired with the endorphins and freeing feeling of whole-heartedly dancing for 30 minutes straight felt amazing! So hoping into hot water released the tension I held in my body and did my affirmations, i.e. I Am by Yung Baby Tate.

The euphoric feeling of the Delta 8 is perfect for drifting off in a hot shower or nice hot bath and setting your intentions for the day. I believe if you start your day with high vibrations (literally) then you're setting yourself up for a high vibe day! Try it yourself and tell me.

Coffee + Create

After I'm done getting ready and hyping myself up for the day, I like to move on to coffee. And coffee and cannabis are my favorite for getting into my fiery creative flow! I'm a firm believer that coffee and cannabis are an essential way to start the day, try and name a better duo, I'll wait...

Smoking the Sour Space Candy Delta 8 Pre-Roll from Lady Jays paired with my Caramel Coconut Milk Coffee (yummm) brought me an uplifting and creative feeling that was a nice boost, getting through emails and the finishing touches on different projects.

End of Smoke + Release

The end of day smoke may be the most enjoyable, only because it is the moment where you know you are done with work, you can take a deep breath, a big hit and blow out all the tension!

Which is exactly what I did, but this time, I was smoking on Bubba Kush Delta 8 pre-rolls, still by Lady Jays (surprise, surprise).

While this strain also provided a euphoric feeling, the sensation was more calming and grounding. Which was perfect to chill out and find my center, especially when in the midst of a stressful day or situation -- although I am really wanting that to not be the case for ya! But if it is, Lady Jays has still got ya back!

Delta 8 is a nice addition to any day and a light little booster to make it all a little more pleasurable in my opinion, but try it for yourself and tell me what you think!