• leighanalynn

A Guide to Delta 8

Delta 8, a minor cannabinoid that is closely related to delta 9 (the cannabinoid known for producing psychoactive effects) is having a full blown moment right now, and we love to see it! States that wouldn't normally have access to delta 9, like South Dakota, Vermont, and Mississippi, currently have access to Delta 8.

If you're not from a state with legal cannabis, and even if you are, many people are curious, what is Delta 8? And, how is Delta 8 legal? Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid that is found in both cannabis and hemp. Unlike its sister cannabinoid Delta 9, which is what gets you high in the cannabis plant, Delta 8 has mild euphoric effects. Because this minor cannabinoid can come from hemp plants, it is legal and can be found online and in headshops. Delta 8 does not have the same psychotropic effects, yet some people say they feel high from taking Delta 8. To learn more, check out our blog, What is Delta 8?

So now we know the what and the how, but why is it so popular? Because Delta 8 is closely related to Delta 9, it tends to give a nice euphoric effect after smoking that many enjoy. And if you're from somewhere that doesn't have access to legal cannabis, or even cannabis in general, then you probably have a lower tolerance which can lead to feeling the effects more.

It's important to note that everyone's body is different and that each of our endocannabinoid systems is unique, which means each of our experiences will vary and be unique to us.

If you're curious about hearing more on the effects of Delta 8 and what it feels like, check out our blog, A Day with Delta 8 Pre-Rolls.

The euphoric feeling of the Delta 8 is perfect for drifting off in a hot shower or nice hot bath and setting your intentions for the day. I believe if you start your day with high vibrations (literally) then you're setting yourself up for a high vibe day! Try it yourself and tell me.

But as always, I recommend people try for themselves and gather your own opinions on Delta 8 because since each of our experiences varies, I can't say yours will be the same as mine. If you happen to try Lady Jays Delta, be sure to share your experience with us!