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Badass Women in the Cannabis Industry

At Ladies of Paradise we are all about women doing badass things, shattering glass ceilings and being their authentic selves. That's why we love to hear about dope women making waves in the world of cannabis! Especially in states like Louisiana, Vermont and New York where things aren't quite legal yet and there is room to push and grow.

So in honor of Women's Month, we want to honor some badass women in cannabis and the work they are doing.

Mary Pryor

Mary Pryor is the Jane-of-all-Trades, through her work as the co-founder of Cannaclusive, a collective focused on inclusive marketing and business advocacy in the cannabis industry she has shifted narratives and created change. Mary, based in New York, is also the New York chapter president of Minorities for Medical Marijuana; and Chief Marketing Officer for Tonic CBD and Tricolla Farms.

Monica Donovan

Co-Founder and CEO of Heady Vermont, a groundbreaking platform, which has helped give voice to Vermont's cannabis reform movement.

“The prohibition of cannabis has proved an abject failure, a waste of resources and a driving force in the systemic racism that remains pervasive in the criminal justice system. Thanks to the tireless work of many advocates over decades, the tide has turned. A clear public majority support the end of prohibition, and the sky has yet to fall in states where cannabis is legal.

We have a chance to work towards a regulated market in Vermont that gives adults safe, legal access to cannabis. We have a wonderful opportunity to establish the Vermont brand as a key player in the New England and nationwide cannabis scenes. Done well, tax-and-regulate can grow a thriving economy and support public health and safety. It has been inspiring to see the rapid change brought about over the last two years in Vermont, and to work towards a hopeful future with friends and advocates from all walks of life.”

- Monica Donovan, Heady Vermont

Kelly Perez

CEO/Founder KindColorado, the President/Founder at Cannabis Doing Good and served as the human services policy advisor during the creation of Amendment 64 which made cannabis legal in Colorado.

Cannabis Doing Good was created to connect cannabis businesses to community and to highlight the good that the sector is doing. Their trademarked, Cannabis Social Responsibility (CSR), puts into action, purpose driven cannabis partnerships to support equity/justice, positive community impact, and environmental sustainability. CSR helps to shift the cannabis narrative—from the War on Drugs, to a cultural sea change where opportunities are equitable, policy is just, communities benefit, and cannabis is a circular economic practice.

A women should be two things: Who and What she wants. - Coco Chanel

Dr. Chanda Macia

Dr. Chanda Macias, MBA, is one of the most influential women in cannabis and hemp. For over 15 years, Dr. Chanda has been driven by her passion for education, bettering the lives of patients, and empowering women and minorities in the industry. Chairwoman of the Board of Managers and CEO for Women Grow. She is also the CEO and owner of National Holistic a cannabis and hemp healthcare enterprise. Dr. Chanda Macia is based in Louisiana.

Lauren Yoshiko

Budtender turned writer, cannabis journalist for Forbes, The Rolling Stones, Thrillist and more to now magazine editor, not to mention queen of podcasting! Is there anything she can't do?! Lauren is based in Portland, Oregon and currently creates pure magic with Broccoli Magazine and her podcast, The Broccoli Report, a news and analysis podcast for Creative Cannabis Entrepreneurs.