• leighanalynn

Be A Millionaire Money Manifestation

We all want more money and let's get fucking real, we all DESERVE more money! There is an infinite and abundant of amount of money in the world, more than enough for each person! And while we all know that a vast majority is being hoarded be a select few, we're not even going to go there today! No! instead we are going to talk about how you can manifest more money into your life.

I promise you this works, but only if you believe. Wether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right. Just remember that. So now, let's dive into the fun and the ways that you can manifest more ching ching ching into your life! I also have included a rad ass women with some rad ass resources to help people increase their wealth and get out of debt.

10 Ways to Raise Your Energy and Call in Some Money

  1. Ching Ching Ching Goes the Money Tree Probably the absolute best thing to come out of Tik-Tok in my opinion is this song. The Ching Ching Ching Goes the Money Tree song is an affirmation, almost spell that has been put into the form of a song. Singing this daily for a minimum of 21 days is recommended. I've never done a full 21 days, but every time I get into the habit of singing this, the amount of abundance that flows in is divine.

  2. Practice Gratitude Practicing gratitude is not only great for showing your appreciation and calling in more, but it is healing to the mind and the soul! Sometimes we can just get so damn caught up in life and this and that and keeping up with the Jone's! Take a second to calm your mind and write a list of everything you are grateful for, start small and work your way up! I promise you will feel great by the end of it. Showing gratitude is an instant mood booster.

  3. Clean Your House This is an important one that many people don't think much of when it comes to manifesting, but cleaning your house is so important! All items hold energy, including dirty dishes and trash, so keeping a tidy house also keeps the energy tidy and frees up space for new energy. When we clear out the old, we make room for the new.

  4. Take Care of Your Shit Just like cleaning your house, it is crucial to take care of the items you already have. Why would they Universe want to give you more if you can't handle what you already have? Be respectful, thankful and honor the items you have. We truly are all blessed to have as much as we do and it is important we take care of it.

  5. Morning Money Affirmations If you're not into singing your affirmations with the Money Tree, no worries! Another great way to practice affirmations is to just recite them in the morning when you wake up, are getting ready, or when you are on your way to work.

  6. Dance Parties (Raise Your Vibration) Raising your vibration is important when calling in money and abundance because wealth and health and abundance are all high vibe, high frequency things. So what better way to instantly raise your vibration than through an impromptu dance party?! Trick question, there isn't one. So put on your favorite playlist and dance it out for a while.

  7. Gala Darling EFT Tapping - Abundance Tapping If you have not heard of Gala Darling, I would highly recommend checking her out on YouTube, and if you have not heard of EFT Tapping, then check out our blog, Why is EFT Tapping so Magical.

  8. Give to Others This is the Golden Rule, treat others as you would wish to be treated and this goes for giving to others. When we give to others we are showing our appreciation for them as well as believing in abundance. It's fun to gift your friends cute little gifts just for the hell of it! And when we give to those on the streets and in need, it fills our heart and spreads love. If nothing else, do it to spread love and kindness.

  9. Be Open to Receiving in Various and Unexpected Ways When we are open to receiving things in various and unexpected ways, the Universe has a funny way of doing just exactly that, and in my opinion, it seems to like to do that! For example, I really wanted a Nespresso machine, but they are like $300. So I decided to save up and get one, when that very weekend, one was found at Goodwill for $20. Talk about the Universe providing!

  10. Abundance Meditation While You Sleep Sleeping with a healing frequency or meditation on is something I highly recommend, because why not? Our minds are still going and consuming when we sleep, so why not play it positive affirmations or some healing frequencies?