• leighanalynn

CannaZodiac: Cancer - Heightened Emotions During the Summer of Love

Cancers, Water signs that are ruled by the Moon, so it seems natural, actually inevitable, that this Cancer season we become more in touch with our feelings and are brought closer to the truth within our hearts. You may find yourself inspired to manifest and work towards a deeper sense of emotional security.

After coming out of a chaotic Gemini season which was full of eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, Cancer season is inviting us to slow down and ride the waves. To become in touch with our emotions, honor our feelings and really nurture ourselves.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th kicked off Cancer season by putting an emphasis on our inner child and reparenting that inner child so we may heal. We may be dealing with and beginning to recognize patterns that we formed in our childhood, and while they were mostly likely formed to protect us then, they no longer serve us. When recognizing these patterns, it's important to know that you absolutely have the ability to heal this and reparent your inner child! Even if it may not feel like it at times...

3 Ways to Interact with Your Inner Child

  1. Play When is the last time you allowed yourself to play? Go play on some swings, play tag or hide and go seek. Get a laser tag set, whatever your heart desires! Allow yourself to play and your inner child to shine and have fun!

  2. Tell Yourself and Your Inner Child Affirmations We've provided a few examples below but I encourage you to take this and make it your own! Use affirmations that are specific to your experience and the healing you need. - You are safe. - You are allowed to have fun. - You are safe to play. - You are loved. - You have a right to explore. - You have a right to play.

  3. Open Your Mind + Listen to Your Inner Child What do they have to say? What healing does your inner child need? Open your mind and allow yourself to listen to what they're saying. Feel free to write and journal as you go, or sit in silence and listen. Whatever it is you prefer to do, do it. Just remember to keep an open mind!

Beyond our inner child, Cancer is bringing up matters of the heart and home in a romantic sense. Venus and Mars, the planets that rule sex and attraction will be in fiery Leo for most of Cancer season. It's important to keep and open heart at this time, but make sure you are checking in with your heart and staying true to yourself. And of course, remember to have a little fun, and to celebrate the romance and beauty of it all.

Strains to Help Bring the Heat

  1. Sour Space Candy ~ Delta 8 Bringing on a euphoric sensation, Delta 8 is perfect to addition to a hot Summer night out with your date.

  2. Hawaiian Haze CBG The perfect joint to bring along to any river or lake day, CBG is said to have blissful effects.

All in all, this Cancer season is one full of good vibes and some homey, feel good energy. (even if it may be a little emotional). So ride the waves and go with it but no matter what, remember to always check in and honor your self and your feelings first!