• leighanalynn

CannaZodiac: Gemini - The Twins of the Zodiac

It's Gemini Szn!! The best season ever, duh. (Says the Gemini lol). No but really, Gemini's get way too much hate just because we're multifaceted, but really that's what makes us interesting and so much fun! Life is never, if rarely, boring for and with a Gemini and that is true for this Gemini Season too.

Gemini season started May 19-23 and goes until June 219-23. During this time we are going through some major astrological shifts and changes! We're currently in the middle of an Eclipse Eclipse Solstice, that is also simultaneously going on during the Mercury Retrograde. Phew, what a mouth full! I know, it's a lot.

Mercury is Retrograding during Gemini, which is ruled by the planet Mercury meaning that we are being pulled inward for some serious introspection.

During Mercury Retrograde remember to be a little more patient and understanding of miscommunications and technologically errors. It happens, so instead of getting frustrated, just embrace the slow down and practice patience. Also remember to AVOID AT ALL COSTS signing contracts.

Now back to the importance of Gemini's and Gemini season (wink wink) during this time and what we have left to the season, focus on yourself and your self growth. Growth, growth, growth is the focus, but remember that with growth comes growing pains. So it will not be all sunshine and rainbows.

To help you deal and work through what is being brought up this season, we put together a list of our favorite strains for Gemini.

Strains for Gemini Szn

Delta 8 Bubba Kush Ladies Orange Peels (CBG)

Hawaiian Haze