• leighanalynn

Care About the Earth On More Than Just Earth Day by Minimizing Your Plastic

Our Earth needs some major love right now! The over consumption of her resources and the damage we have done is starting to be felt and is happening fast. Portland saw 112 degree day in June... And Southern Oregon along with many places have had recorded breaking highs all Summer long! We're seeing large fires, droughts, and it's very evident we need to be changing the way we live and exist.

And while I want to make it clear, much of this is caused by large corporations, and entire industries, changing the ways we live and what we consume has an impact! Especially if we get more people living intentionally and buying intentionally.

Minimizing Plastic Use

  1. Shopping for things in glass and cardboard instead of plastic. Minimizing your intake of plastic when out shopping is crucial! Going to the option that's packaged in glass versus plastic will push more brands to move towards a more sustainable packaging option.

  2. Shopping in bulk with reusable cloth bags and glass jars is also one of the best things you can do to conserve packaging all together! Bonus: Shopping at your local co-op is even better because you're supporting community owned businesses. (Or even become a co-op co -owner yourself!)

  3. Use Grove Co. for your cleaning supplies and household needs! This is an online marketplace with more sustainable cleaning options and your everyday needs. They have reusable glass spray bottles for all your essential cleaning sprays that can be refilled with their small concentrated blends that come in small glass bottles with metal lids. Making this a close to plastic free option for your household cleaning supplies! Check Grove Co out here.

  4. Stasher Bags, the new cool storage tools you might not of known you needed. Stasher Bags, are reusable, non-toxic silicone storage bags that can be used for anything you need to store really! Another great way to minimize your plastic use! Instead of using ziplock bags that you just throw away, now you can wash and reuse your storage bags.