• leighanalynn

Dab Down with Ladies of Paradise

There is a plethora of different kinds of dabs out there! From the different types like rosin, live resin, shatter, etc. to all the different things they can be made with, like butane, propane, C02, or even just squishing the nugs! For those experienced in dabs, you may know this already, or you may not! Hell, you might even be new to dabs! But regardless, we're here to walk you through it!

First, let's talk about the different materials dabs can be made with.

PHO - Propane Hash Oil, made with propane.

BHO - Butane Hash Oil, made with butane.

CO2 - CO2 Oil - made with CO2

Rosin - Made by using heated plates to squish the flower.

The most common type of extract on the market is BHO, made with butane. Or some sort of mixture of solvents but still leaning heavily towards the butane for a butane dominant extract. It can definitely sound scary thinking of smoking something that is made with butane, but rest assured that it is all removed by the time the end product is finished. It's also good to know that most states that have legal cannabis require that extracts be tested for residual solvents (i.e. butane, propane, etc.)

Beyond the materials used to make extracts and dabs, there are a myriad of different types! From vape pens which use distillate, to shatter, budder, and diamonds, the difference in consistency comes down to what you prefer, and that's a personal choice.

Shatter has a name that fits it well because this type of extract is thin and glass like, shattering often. But this is a consistency some absolutely love!

Diamonds, a type of extract that tends to be extremely high in THC, has what I would call two different types of consistency within one product. A very viscous and sappy consistency mixed with clear, crystal like rocks, hence the name diamonds. I find the sauce to have a high terpene profile and crystals to be semi tasteless, so when consuming try to mix the two together for the ultimate amount of flavor and THC.

Budder this has a creamy peanut butter like look but with a slightly easier and less dense consistency. This style is really easy to dose up and get on your dab tool.

Sugar, another type that is easy to dose up and get on your dab tool, this consistency is similar to budder, but hence the name, it has a more sugar like consistency. As if you were to still some sugar crystals into it.

Still want to know more about dabbing! Check out the Dabbing vs. Vaping video we made for Grasse!