• leighanalynn

Green Queen Alisha Lorentz of Ladies of Paradise

Alisha Lorentz is literally one of the baddest, coolest, and most interesting girls (people for that matter!!) that I know. She's lead Graphic Designer at Ladies of Paradise as well as the Design Specialist and Wordsmith for Wine 2 Go and Creative Director for Guru Innovations, Scorpihoe for life and one of our best friends. And to no surprise, how we met this girl is as weird and spontaneous as she is!

Through Craigslist ad, that's how... and the rest was history!

Alisha has worked internationally as a designer, animator, set designer, photographer, package designer and pretty much anything and everything having to do with creative marketing. Having resided in Sydney, Australia for 2 years as a designer working for brands like Lululemon and Target doing visual merchandising and retail display design she packed her bags and moved back to the design and creative haven, Portland. And that's when we scooped her up!

Alisha has created some of the beautiful work you know and love from Ladies of Paradise, including the Ladies of Paradise website, Lady Jays, Day Trip, and too much to mention! But now that we've bragged about her enough, it's time to hear from the queen herself.

Why cannabis?

The cannabis industry is an intersection between new and old, wellness and partying. It's been around forever...literally... and yet the industry as a legal entity is very fresh. This means a ton of opportunity in design & packaging, not only too create, but to create things that are especially innovative and beautiful.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about people. Connecting with people - getting their life story in 5 minute chunks at the grocery store, or finding out what the house my Uber driver grew up in look like, really looks like, what color were the curtains? - That's what I live for. We're all the universe experiencing itself, and I want to meet as many different versions of myself as time allows.

What does authenticity mean to you?

Authenticity is not asking for permission. If you're living your authentic life, you don't need to hide your true feelings and desires behind the veil of social approval. If you want a tattoo, get a tattoo. You don't need to ask anyone - or tell anyone. That's how I am trying to live my authentic life moving forward - making up my own mind one second at a time.

What makes you authentic?

Courage. It takes a certain level or bravery, in my mind, to say to the world, "World, I am going to be myself. I am going to lay it all out on the table. I will tell you my deepest fears and my most sacred treasured hopes." If you do this you risk enormous social and emotional damage. I made a commitment to myself many years ago to be open. If you're open, many good things fall into your bucket, but a lot of bad things as well. I committed that no matter how hurt, abused, or broken-hearted I may feel, I will never stop greeting new possibilities with a loving and open heart; no matter the consequence, I will be honest.

What is your mission in life?

My mission is to be able to greet the end of my life with peace and bravery, knowing that I gave and accepted love as freely as I could. We're all just walking each other home.