• leighanalynn

Green Queen Blair Lauren Brown of Verté Essentials + Poplar

This week we chatted with Blair Lauren Brown, Founder of Verté Essentials, author of Ritual Wellness: CBD, and also Co-Founder of Poplar.

Verté Essentials is a CBD skincare line [and just overall wellness] that ensures their ingredients are clean, green, and natural [but really]. Verté Essentials can be found exclusively at Poplar, which is your new modern drugstore - all-natural and clean, with an offering that includes true plant medicine, accessible price points, and guidance from real people and experts alike.

But as if creating these brands and platforms wasn't enough, Blair is also a kickass mom! Doing so many amazing things, she may seem like Wonder Woman, we know. That's why we're so thrilled to sit down and chat with Blair as this weeks Green Queen.

While I might be on a mission, I choose to embrace the process, over being attached to the outcome. That is the secret to my dedication - presence. - Blair Lauren Brown

Why cannabis?

Cannabis is one of very few magical plants on the planet that has capabilities beyond our imagination. It has a personal story for me, that has evolved much beyond that. It has healed my family members and so many others. I want to help demystify this plant alongside other beautiful plant medicines. I want to unpack the history of this plant and negative ramifications of the her prohibition. And I want to help make it more accessible able and bring this to the world.

What are you passionate about?

I am a helper at heart. Connecting to the earth is my number one, but the reality is that one can't do that with any sincere purpose unless it is in relation to others. So people and planet first, in a natural and genuine way.

What does authenticity mean to you?

Being true to heart.

What makes you authentic?

It means sharing all of the things I have learned and experienced in my life with those that haven't been as fortunate as I to the have the multitude of experiences. It also means speaking for that which doesn't have a voice from the planet to every creature on it.

What is your mission in life?

To bring more joy, more kindness & more compassion into my world.