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Green Queen Cait Curley

This week we talk with entrepreneur and activist, Cait Curley. Cait is an educator, entrepreneur, social media influencer, marketing specialist, and content creator with a passion for all things hemp and cannabis. She stays informed and up to date with the industry’s most heart wrenching stories, as well as the progress of the biggest movers and shakers.

Cait was so intent on pursuing her work within the cannabis arena, that she uprooted her life and moved from New York to cannabis-centric Denver. After obtaining a health sciences degree and spending years of dedication in healthcare and client relations, she has navigated the underground cannabis world, while seeking to utilize her connections to educate the masses, represent a shift in culture and motivate continued progress within the community. Living in the forefront of the movement to end cannabis prohibition, fostering both B2B and B2C partnerships and connections inside the industry, Cait's passion also extends to developing her own entrepreneurial investments and pursuits.

Cait is an all around badass babe [that we love!] and are ecstatic introduce you too, if you don't already know this queen.

What do you do?

I own a media brand in which I advocate and educate on the benefits of cannabis. I work with a variety of cannabis brands doing content creation and promotion via my social media platforms. In addition, I will soon be releasing an e-commerce resource shop, from hemp doggy clothes to mushroom face masks. It will be a place where you can find all of my recommended and trusted brands. As a side hustle, I also manage social media for cannabis/ hemp brands.

Why cannabis?

Cannabis, to me, is sacred. From my first high, I connected with the plant and tapped into a space that felt good. I quickly aligned with its power to help me heal emotionally and enhance my creativity at the same time. Once I learned more about its potential to help save the planet, I essentially had tunnel vision. There’s nothing like it, and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. 

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about revealing the substantial opportunities that cannabis can bring to the world medicinally, nutritionally, and industrially. I’m also passionate about those serving time in prison for cannabis and helping them to get released.

What does authenticity mean to you?

Being real, being transparent, being genuine, and being unapologetically passionate about what one believes in. 

What makes you authentic?

Staying true and continuing to do what I do regardless of anyone’s approval or disapproval. I strive to rise above the nonsense. 

What is your mission in life?

Happiness for me and my family is my top priority. Helping to end cannabis prohibition and bring success to the movement for organic and regenerative agriculture are also really important to me.

To follow more of Cait's journey check out her website & Instagram!