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Green Queen: Madison Margolin - Double Blind

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

This week we talked to Madison Margolin of Double Blind, Madison is a journalist who has written for publications such as the Rolling Stone, Playboy Magazine and many more. Not only is Madison a badass journalist, but she is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor for Double Blind, a biannual print magazine and digital media entity, using psychedelics as a jumping off point to explore spirituality, social equity, environmental justice, mental health, queer culture, and more.

As we see the rise in popularity of psychedelics increase and city's like Oakland decriminalize psilocybin, we also see the rise of questions and an overall increase in curiosity of what benefits things like mushrooms can provide.

So we sat down to talk with Madison and see her take on cannabis, psychedelics and what is means to be authentically you!

What are you passionate about?

I'm passionate about the way people use cannabis or psychedelics to access spirituality and to enhance their religion.

Why cannabis?

Cannabis isn't really just about cannabis. It's about social and environmental justice, spirituality, regenerative agriculture, a plant-based approached to wellness, science, policy, economics, and a host of other factors that make the world go round. Writing about cannabis has given me a better understanding of the world. I also grew up in the cannabis space, with my dad being a criminal defense attorney specializing in weed cases, so you could say that marijuana is a Margolin family value.

Why psychedelics?

Like cannabis, I think psychedelics intersect with so much of what shapes society, and our very lives: mental health, connection to the earth, and spirituality, just to name a few. On the topic of spirituality, for me, I've always been fascinated with how people transcend their minds to get to a level of consciousness that allows them to feel connected to Source and to other living beings. How do people access Gd, or whatever you want to call it? It may be through psychedelics, religious rituals, yoga, or meditation—but that's the question that often informs the work I'm most passionate about. 

What benefits do you think psilocybin has for you?

My first experience with psilocybin woke me up to what psychedelic scientists, who have classified the "mystical experience," call a noetic quality, this ultimate appreciation for something, some spiritual quality or presence, that feels more ultimately real and miraculous, all the same time. Psilocybin has allowed me to step into who I am, and to feel free and present in the moment. On a mundane basis, microdosing psilocybin has served as a mood enhancer that also helps me "be here now." Although my goal is to learn to and get better at being here now on my own. 

What advice would you give to someone trying psychedelics for the first time?

Set and setting! That's the obvious answer, but I'd also encourage someone to have an intention and to ask themselves why they are making that decision, and what they hope to gain from it. Then of course, be sure that you're with the right people and in the right setting. Also, KNOW YOUR DOSE! 

What does authenticity mean to you?

Authenticity I think is related to rawness. Allowing the stuff of real depth to come to the surface and shine through, however difficult that may be. I'm most raw when I'm emotional, but I think that's also when my best writing comes out.

What is your mission in life?

I want to experience everything, and then write about it. My mission is to use my natural skillset to serve others—in my case, I hope that means writing and publishing meaningful stories and other forms of journalism. On a personal level, I recognize that my academic and professional interest in psychedelics, cannabis, and spirituality is also an expression of my personal incentive and mission to integrate these tools closer to my heart and regular practice so that I can feel more spiritually and internally connected, over all.

To read more of Madison's work you can check her out here. You can also get the Double Blind magazine and learn more about psychedelics here !