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Green Queen: Erica Fuller of Rising Equity Strategies

Green Queen Erica Fuller is the founder of Rising Equity Strategies, a consultancy dedicated to creating equal opportunities. Erica is a Campaign Manager, Community Organizer, Virtual Administrative Assistant and one of our best friends! Kind, strong, compassionate and resilient as fuck, Erica is an activist and was one of the leaders for the Portland Womxn March in 2017 that hosted over 70,000 to 100,000 participant. [Majority of them Female Identified]. Her community organizational skills have taken her to our Nation's Capital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and more. She is a curator of creating safe spaces for everyone, but especially Black womxn. She is also the Volunteer Leader for Upper Left Ladies and a Spiritual Warrior for Christ. With a very unique way celebrating him through serving both them and others.

Erica is a passionate womxn who has actively worked to better and uplift her community. She is fearlessly authentic in a world that desperately needs authenticity -- and that is something everyone can admire. She is an inspiration and an amazing friend. We are all so lucky here at Ladies of Paradise to know this beautiful spirit! So let's hear from Erica what authenticity means to her.

What makes you feel the most authentically you?

When I think of this question, I look at our divinely made bodies and picture us for who we truly are. Our body which is a spiritually made vessel that is built to hold the water we are made of and our soul. See, I am not your normal believer in Christ. As I am searching for the truth like everyone else on this plant. But I would say that without my unique relationship with Jesus. My gift of being an empath/light worker, an advocate, an organizer and my love for the elements leads me to be unapologetically authentically me.

What does being authentic mean to you?

To me being authentic means speaking your truth and being unapologetically you by not throwing your values and core beliefs that are true to you. And there will be times when you are gonna have moments when you can’t be unapologetically you. But you and only you will have that decision. And like my girl Leighana said when you have to make that decision remember “We will have moments where we are unable to be ‘authentic’ in the moment but that's life.”

What are you proud to support?

I am proud to support others like me who suffer from mental illness and get up everyday and just work on themselves. It might be through little efforts but you are at least doing the work to heal yourself. Eventually later on down the line those small efforts will become bigger efforts and those will become bigger. And soon you will be looking at yourself in the mirror and you won’t be able to recognize yourself; the stronger you that you have become.

What are you proud to rebel against?

I am very proud to rebel against others expectations of me. I am my father’s daughter both spiritually and physically in that regard. You try and tell me I can’t do something and I will show you who can. Especially when I see folks hurting or need help that I know I can give or at least try to give. I’m proud to rebel against the status quo of my race and gender. I will continue to fight for what I believe in until my dying breath.

What is your favorite quirk about yourself?

My favorite quirk about myself would have to be how unique and versatile of a person I am. One of my closest friends said that I wore too many hats and positions during my college years. She of course was correct but I didn’t care because my passion is practicing my civic duty and using my voice and prominence within the community to help others. So if that leads me to leadership positions just so I can take on the man; then so be it. Shoot I will throw some sense of humor on the side as a cherry on top.

Why is it important for women to support other women?

Yes, It’s important for womxn to support other womxn but that means our support can’t be one sided. It’s time for white womxn to support womxn of color. For years womxn of color have been supporting our fellow womxn but have not received the same in return. I ask that every reader reading this article look at their current relationships and friendships and do they all look like you? Because if that is even a midge it of a yes; I would reevaluate why that is and try to change because you are missing out on some amazing memories and folks.

What does Lady Jays lifestyle mean to you?

To me, Lady Jays personally just helped me feel as close to the Ladies of Paradise as I could. I felt like one of them! [you are!!] These girls have and will continue to be an amazing team of creatives who have really changed the game when it comes to creating branding projects, creating original products and just creating an amazing space to love and celebrate cannabis with other womxn and allies. They created a product that helps bring the community together even if it's just for a toke everywhere you go.

To follow Erica's journey you can check out her company Rising Equity Strategies and follow her on Instagram.

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