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Green Queen Katie Stem of Peak Extracts

Today we talk with the CEO of Peak Extracts, Katie Stem for our Green Queen. Katie oversees everything from the employees, product flow, materials purchasing, product formulation and packaging design to research and development for their small women owned business.

But Peak Extracts is really ran by two women, Katie Stem and Kate Black (aka Kate and Katie. These ladies are the energetic, kinetic partners behind Peak Extracts, one of Oregon’s most respected cannabis brands. Launched in 2014, Kate and Katie brought Peak to market under Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program with the goal of providing consistent custom-tailored experiences based on uncompromising quality and integrity. Katie Stem had been a medical marijuana patient for nearly ten years, and steadily crafted single-strain chocolates in her home kitchen to control symptoms of her Crohn’s disease. While perfecting the recipes, Stem discovered specific strains of cannabis were capable of producing incredible benefits while others strains fell flat or created unwanted side effects. After years of hard work, drawing from a pre-med track and a degree in traditional Chinese medicine, herbalism and acupuncture combined with Kate Black’s experience in design, chocolate making and culinary management, Peak’s line of vegan, gluten-free single-strain couverture chocolates was born. Kate and Katie transitioned Peak Extracts to the Oregon adult-use market in 2016 and was awarded the first edibles processing license in state. Today, Peak holds a position as the #2 cannabis chocolate manufacturer in Oregon. 

So let's hear more from Katie:

Why cannabis?

Cannabis has been an integral tool in managing my Crohn's disease since my early 20s. After I got my degree in Chinese Medicine in 2010, it seemed a tidy hybrid to start this company--to help my community and develop products that would be of personal benefit.   

What are you passionate about?

Gardening, medicine, being of service to my community.

What does authenticity mean to you?

Being honest, present and empathetic whenever possible, while still maintaining appropriate boundaries for personal emotional safety.

What makes you authentic?

I’m honest, vulnerable, and can be very blunt. We only produce products that I believe in, in terms of their quality, efficacy and safety.     

What is your mission in life?

To learn as much as I can--about people, science, plants and love.  

I’m proud that we’ve made a name for ourselves being a queer-woman owned, completely self-funded company.   - Katie Stem