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Green Queen Libby Cooper of Space Coyote

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Libby Cooper is one of our favorites and let's get real, a total fucking babe! Some people even say we look alike;) This retro tropical disco queen started an impeccable retro brand, Space Coyote [did we mention she's the CEO and Co-founder] in California and then moved to Hawaii to live the dream life!!

She's an artist and established contributor / advocate in the cannabis industry, Libby is the creative genius behind Space Coyote, crafting a brand that stands out from the noise and pulls people in. In less than 18 months, Libby has led Space Coyote to be a top 20 preroll brand in California. Space Coyote is now one of the fastest growing woman owned / operated cannabis companies, and is sold in over 250 dispensaries. Before founding Space Coyote, Libby was the Creative Director at Eaze, California’s largest cannabis retail platform. While at Eaze, Libby built and launched multiple cannabis brands, including STATE cartridges (2016 launch), Tiger Mint Extracts (2017 launch), Ritual Drops (2017 launch – Cannabis Cup Winner), and more. Cumulatively, these brands sold over $5M in revenue in their first year of operation. Libby truly believes in smokable, potent products, affirming that women can be stoners and being a stoner is celebratory. 

And if you haven't heard of Space Coyote, know that this cannabis company has a groove all their own! As California’s premiere infused joint maker, each Space Coyote combines high potency herb and delicious, out of this world extracts. Crafted for stoners by stoners, Space Coyote celebrates art, equality, and the psychedelic side of cannabis. Collaborations with cultivators, extract brands, and artists are at the core of Space Coyote’s mission. Each joint perfectly pairs full-bud flower with phenomenal concentrates like diamonds, live resin, and hash made by the top extract brands in California. Space Coyote is committed to the betterment of the planet and has an environmental focus on everything they do. Space Coyote can be found in over 250 dispensaries. For more information and to get glazed, blazed, and totally cosmic, head to their IG.

What do you do?

My role at Space Coyote is Co-founder and CEO. Through my design career background, the majority of my work consists of branding and marketing. We are a small team so I personally do all of the design work that you see for Space Coyote and I work side by side with our Director of Marketing, Teagan Thompson. Before Covid-19, we focused a lot on epic experiential events, but now the new constraints are forcing creativity in new exciting ways, pushing us out of our own box. 

Why cannabis?

I’ve been a stoner since my teen years, so working in the industry was a dream come true. Like many of us, I discovered my love for weed far too young; in the back of an old minivan, being driven around suburbia by my older friends. I suffered from debilitating stomach problems at the time and didn’t realize that weed was actually helping me cope. It wasn’t until two years after I had puffed my first pipe that I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and learned the real medicinal benefits of the plant. 

As a young designer working in Silicon Valley, my passion for tech was fading fast. Being in my mid-twenties, I felt like I was far too young to experience career burn out, so I took some time to reflect on what inspired me. I’m  seriously passionate about weed and animal rescue, but I hadn’t ever considered a career path in either. It was a panel I attended in San Francisco on Design in Cannabis that made me realize I could pursue entering the industry. Within a few weeks, I switched companies and began to thrive in the world of professional cannabis. 

What are you passionate about?

I am deeply passionate about supporting up and coming artists. It’s something we’ve incorporated into the ethos of Space Coyote since day one, and I’m proud about that. I always wanted to be an artist, but with the guidance of my parents and influence of society, I ended up focusing on design which, traditionally, had a clearer path to being financially stable. 

Young adults who choose to become artists are a type of fearlessness that is so admirable. Many of them have to work gigs to support themselves and do their art on the side which, similar to my fatigue in tech, can cause burn out on the artistic dream. It’s my hope that Space Coyote can make a small difference for up and coming artists of all kinds in all mediums and, one day, host and run a robust artist-in-residency program with a consistent rotation of musicians, dancers, painters, and more. 

What does authenticity mean to you?

Authenticity is something I think about a lot. I’ve been working on practicing non-judgement with others because I used to find that I would judge someone or something if it was not authentic. To me, authenticity is being unabushfully yourself, marching to the beat of your own drum, not giving a fuck about what others think. It is being so truly yourself that you become iconic. However, iconic doesn’t have to be unique or have a celebrity factor. It means that you love your own quirks and you become known for them; it means that you speak your mind and hold your own. You don’t have to become predictable to be authentic either. Your authenticity could be your spontaneity or your ability to be flexible. 

I have built the Space Coyote brand on the platform of authenticity. A Space Coyote is an infused joint and also a type of person. We define a Space Coyote as a cosmic adventurer, someone who is so uniquely themselves that you can pick them out in a crowd. You’ll see Space Coyotes on a plane, in the grocery store, at shows. You’ll recognize them by their individual style, the confidence in how they hold themselves, the fire in their eyes. There is excitement in their voice and passion in the topics they bring up. 

What makes you authentic?

I believe life is about the pursuit of love and pleasure while being productive, efficient, and empathetic. I’ve created the life I want for myself without following the rules placed on all of us by society. That is my authenticity. This translates to my company as well. Space Coyote has no headquarters, not even an office, and no set work hours. Instead, remote work, and real work-life balance is actively encouraged. As many businesses are now transitioning to the virtual work environment due to COVID, workers across industries are discovering a healthier work/life balance. Space Coyote has been ahead of the curve on this front and we are so excited to see other companies joining in.

What is your mission in life?

My mission is to build Space Coyote into a successful multi-state cannabis brand so that we can have a greater impact with the socially responsible programs we have in place. It’s not something I have mentioned yet, but I also want to inspire girls to become business leaders! We need more female leadership in the world.

On a personal note, once Space Coyote grows to a sustainable large size, I would love to open the no-kill animal shelter that I’ve always dreamed about. I had previously thought there would be no connection between animal rescue and weed, but perhaps I am slowly bridging that gap and maybe Space Coyote could be a sponsor of the project! 

Anything special that you want to share? 

I have admired the LoP for a long time and it is an honor to be recognized as one of the Green Queens. Thank you, Ladies, for everything you do!

Aww, we love you so much too Libby!! Miss you, xoxo.

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