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Green Queen: Randi Sether of Magical Brands

This week for Rebel with a Cause we talked to boss babe Randi Sether the Marketing Strategist at Magical Brands. Magical Brands is a countertop botanical extractor, designed for infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, alcohol, lotions, and more! Like many women in the cannabis industry, Randi has had to kickass at more than one skill/project and it sounds like nothing is going to stop her from continuing to do just that and be a boss! Cheers to women in leadership positions!

Where do you work?

I work in sunny Florida at Magical Brands, the makers of MagicalButter and now Magical CBD products! Our MagicalButter machine helps people infuse cannabis and other botanicals into butter, oils and alcohol at home.

What do you do?

WHAT DON’T I DO?! But for real, I need an assistant. As Marketing Strategist at Magical, I wear many hats including creating and managing content for our social channels with over 700K followers. I also lead our Big Box Retailer initiative, with the goal to make Magical products available to the masses. We recently announced the MagicalButter machine is available on BedBathandBeyond.com!

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

I’m most proud to say that I spearheaded a nationwide ad campaign to raise awareness of child sex trafficking, earning top honors from the American Advertising Federation for National Non-Profit Marketing Campaign of the Year. The ABOLISH campaign has been running annually since 2014 by The Junior League with billboards, ads and digital; https://abolishmovement.org. This project ignited my passion for cause marketing and gave me the confidence to come out of the cannabis closet and enter the industry.

Why cannabis?

Cannabis is my longest lasting relationship. It’s my bestie. My friend that helps me through anxiety, PMS woes, and it inspires creativity…. It’s everything.

What are the key attributes that make a successful entrepreneur in this industry?

Be caring, put your heart into everything you do. Be a great listener and always believe in your ideas even when others may not have the same enthusiasm.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about helping people help themselves.

What does authenticity mean to you?

It means being real. Real when it’s not popular to be real.

What makes you authentic?

Though I work in the cannabis industry, I still live in the South. I live in a place where cannabis is still not accepted as widely as the West Coast or Canada. I am constantly having authentic conversations with others to help educate my community on cannabis.

What is your mission in life?

My mission in life is to make people smile and laugh.

Who are your cannabis heroes?

I’m lucky enough to work for, and alongside, one of my cannabis heroes, Garyn Angel. His MagicalButter machine invention inspires me and so many others to take control of our health by ingesting plant based compounds. He didn’t invent edibles, he just made it super easy to make them. Brownie Mary, famous for illegally baking and distributing cannabis brownies to AIDS patients, is a legend in my books. She was a badass who was driven to help others despite archaic legalities.

If you could change one thing in the industry what would it be?

If I had a genie bottle, I would release everyone who is incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis crimes. Beyond being the right thing to do, there is a lot of knowledge locked behind bars that would positively impact the industry greatly.

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