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Green Queen: Shellise 'Sistah Rogers'

Shellise ’Sistah Rogers’, MBA is a Financial Accountant and Advisor, Brand Strategist, Public Speaker, Cannabis Therapist, Community Organizer, Business Auntie™,

an ambassador for sustainability + mental health care, all around badass and this weeks Green Queen. Shellise is a talented and brilliant woman that we are beyond excited to introduce you too.

She merges nine years as a financial accountant with her expertise in organizational and managerial development as a consultant by collaborating with entrepreneurs and companies to develop future-minded, action-oriented plans. Her business “Sistah Rogers” provides strategic, governmental relations, and financial planning services that define necessary benchmarks for success, and encourages strong operational foundations + financial growth through an efficiency-driven mindset.

Her other ventures include: @MindfulToking an educational platform presenting a cognizant view of the societal usage of cannabis products and encourages a shift in mindset, insight, and personal + spiritual growth towards mental wholeness through mindful consumption; and @SynergySesh the leading Learning and Development company in the cannabis industry catalyzing positive social impact + upward mobility for entrepreneurs, businesses, and the previously incarcerated through professional and business development workshops and initiatives.

"Holding the belief that better communities are born out of better people, I began leveraging my passion for community, my training as an accountant, my knowledge of herbal medicines, and my commitment to social justice and advocacy to work towards creating an inclusive, sustainable and responsible adult-use cannabis industry. My mission is to be better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually than I was the day prior and utilizing my skill sets towards the establishment of a more holistic culture and society." - Shellise 'Sistah Rogers'

Why Cannabis?

Cannabis is another form of plant medicine; there are monumental possibilities for commodity optimization leading to economic opportunities and long-term sustainable developments for our global society.

What are you passionate about?

The intersection of cannabis, spirituality, mental health; having meaningful layered conversations with people interested in metaphysical, unusual, unexplainable phenomena in life; pondering about our emotional and intellectual mechanisms, spending a lot of time reading, learning, and contemplating our existence + ways to be better humans. Sustainability is our personal, professional, and societal structures. Corporate Responsibility.

What does authenticity mean to you?

Transparency; Alignment with what you say, do and think - when one's expressions are equal (read: true to) their thoughts and feelings.

What makes you authentic?

Resisting the compulsion to follow the status quo or betray my character/heart.

What is your mission in life?

To merge the intersections of my interests and catalyze positive social impact and upward mobility for all, but most importantly, the underserved.

To follow along with Shellise and her amazing adventures, check out her instagram pages