• leighanalynn

Green Queen with Calan of Broccoli Magazine

Today we're chatting with a true Queen, Calan from Broccoli Mag and 69 and Sunny. Calan is the Community & Operations Manager for Broccoli Mag. She's the queen that makes sure all of our subscribers (hopefully you), stockists, and Broccolini fans get their packages.

Beyond her work with Broccoli though, Calan has founded her own modern schoolhouse for self exploration, @69andsunny.tv with digital creator Caroline (@httpcaroline).

Calan is extremely passionate about the cannabis plant and educating those on it. I had the privilege of working with Calan first hand and can attest to her passion and the sparkle in her eye when it comes to the cannabis plant. Like a said, a true queen and Canna Queen at that, let's here from Calan herself.

Why cannabis?

Cannabis has changed my life and arguably the best tool we have for change. I've studied the plant, helped my communities heal by teaching and have changed people's lives just by suggesting the plant. It's easy to rejuvenate and everyone deserves to feel free.

What are you passionate about?

Music, education, story shares, total health equity, and waking up everyday with a fresh start.

What does authenticity mean to you?

Self-Realization, it means actively exploring what is real based on your own feelings and lessons of acceptance.

What makes you authentic?

I'm always exploring myself, allowing space to change, preparing others for the future, writing lyrics, poems, and changing my instagram profile daily like an away status.

What is your mission in life?

To honor my ancestors by feeling consistently free as a Black Woman and helping others that look like me do the same.

Anything special that you want to share?

Everything haha, I'm 1/2 of a rap duo with my partner @yourmomlikesmymusic, I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes during covid last summer and my life has changed for the better, I wouldn't be here without insulin. I just finished an Orgasmic Sex Shaman intensive where I learned how to fully lead as a self-shaman, I'm currently building the MTV/PBS of weed, and I'm also learning how to stop thinking, let me know if anyone has figured that out yet?

Thanks for your time, with love, Calan