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Green Queen with Geraldine of Art & Times of Chill

Geraldine Mae Cueva aka Gigi is a badass woman within the cannabis industry that you are going to want to get to know. After more than a decade working in the fashion industry, she shifted her passion for products towards her love of plants. She is the co-creator of the online smoke break and community platform, Sesh-Ins, and the host of the podcast, Amplify Your Chill, where she explores the art of well-being and all the ways we #makechill.

Sesh-Ins is an online virtual smoke break and community amplifying important conversations in and out of the cannabis industry and the work that Gigi and her co-creator Bianca Monica of Limone Creative do beautiful work with this platform. If you do not follow their work, we highly suggest doing so by following their Instagram.

We want to know more about Geraldine though, so let's dive into why she choses the cannabis industry and why we are all so lucky to blessed with her brilliance and the beauty she brings into this world.

What do you do?

As a Merchant turn Marketer, I work with brands to create an engaging strategy to build their communities and connect them with other like-minded brands to drive conscious (socially-responsible) commerce. I also host a podcast called Amplify Your Chill, where I explore all the ways people #makechill and share stories on how to cultivate a positive well-being. I also co-host the online smoke break and community platform called Sesh-Ins. We host open conversations on accountable allyship, equity, and inclusivity.

Why cannabis?

I was driven into cannabis purely out of love for the plant. After seeing brands and ancillary cannabis product emerge on Instagram, I knew I had to transition from the fashion industry and connect those dots for communities and businesses. When I engaged with brands directly, I found opportunities to support them with my unique skillset. I learned I could uphold the responsibility as a Marketer to educate people about the power of the plant—how to consume it and also how to heal from it.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about cultivating good conversations, connecting brands, and most importantly, building communities with strong relationships.

What does authenticity mean to you?

Authenticity, to me, means being able to bring one’s whole self to the forefront with no judgments or hesitation. I believe it is that sweet spot when you’re ‘walking that walk, talking that talk’. Regardless of the vulnerabilities someone may be facing, authenticity lies in showing up for oneself and owning every single one of those moments.

What makes you authentic?

I think what makes me authentic is that I really let myself feel my feelings—personally, spiritually, and professionally—so I’m able to share myself and connect with others in a meaningful way. I feel authentic when I can express myself freely.

What is your mission in life?

My mission in life is to #makechill and to spread more positivity and celebration around cannabis.

Join the online smoke break, Sesh-Ins, to make connections, feel a sense of community, and engage in open conversations about topics that really matter. Listen to my podcast Amplify Your Chill on all major streaming platforms. Remember to breathe and #makechill.