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Green Queen with Intuitive Healer April Jay

April Jay is very near and dear to all our hearts hear on the Ladies of Paradise Team. And that's because she has helped each and every one of us. From connecting with our Guides and Ancestors to working with Shadows and identifying and healing trauma. April is an Intuitive Healer and a divinely connected one at that. Every person I know who has had a session with April (and I know a lot) has come out feeling clearer and more aligned.

If you have wanted to begin your healing journey and working with your Ancestors, I highly recommend checking out I Am April Jay. There she hosts her list of services as well as the Ceremony Space Community. Ceremony Space is a monthly membership community that has access to meditations, shamanic journeys, guest experts, workshops, and of course, beautiful ceremonies. To honor your spiritual needs. You are so loved, supported, and welcomed in this space.

Ceremony Space is such a beautiful and safe community, and if you are looking for a community and want to be guided through your healing work, I recommend signing up.

But now, it's time to hear from April Jay herself!

What do you do?

I'm a healing guide helping people to unlock their deepest wisdom through Shamanic journeying, energy healing and ancestral connection work. I also run an online network called Ceremony Space for spiritual seekers of all backgrounds. We connect virtually(and hopefully in person soon) about all things spirituality, shadow work and healing. We explore different healing techniques and theories together while holding one another in community. We have a monthly poetry circle, book club, cacao ceremony and lots of other intimate gatherings together.

Why cannabis?

I see Cannabis as a sacred tool that can bring us into alignment, creativity and joy. It's a gift from Mother Earth that brings us back to connecting with her and therefore ourselves which I think is incredibly important in a world of lots of disconnect. I have a lot of gratitude for cannabis and all the ways it serves us.

What are you passionate about?

I'm passionate about helping people heal their DNA and ancestral lineage. Each of us holds deep wounds of our Ancestors but even deeper wisdom. The greatest gift I can guide others into is realizing how capable and powerful they are as their own intuitive healer. I guide people into exploring their gifts and trusting themselves but all the magic and ancient tools are already within them. Through getting to know their Spiritual Team + Healthy Ancestors with shamanic journeying + energy work, they begin to understand just how true this is.

What does authenticity mean to you?

Authenticity is showing up fully embodied in your truth, even when it's hard. It's expressing your needs, desires and magic for the greater good of all. It's owning your shit and committing to grow, always.

What makes you authentic?

I've been shown my purpose and path in this life time and I've committed to it, even when it's not accepted by others. I speak truth for myself and others and allow myself to be seen. I'm also not one to pretend I've "mastered" anything. I am in a constant state of healing and growth and my willingness to show up for this messy journey is what makes me authentic.

What is your mission in life?

My mission in life is to raise the vibration of the planet by empowering humans to heal themselves and tap into their infinite wisdom. I am on a mission to introduce people to their Ancestors, help them heal and connect with them to heal the world. It is everyone's birth right to know their healthy Ancestors and learn with them along this Sacred Path we call life. It's happening more and more which is incredibly beautiful.

Anything special that you want to share?

I'm so grateful to be alive during a time of such evolution and expansion. I know there's been many challenges, especially this past year but you were born during this time for a specific reason. I hope you know this or begin to remember your "why." I'm grateful to anyone reading this because we are truly soul family. I send so much love and blessings to everyone walking this path right now.