• leighanalynn

Green Queen: Yvonne Perez Emerson with Make & Mary

A clean, sustainable, honest brand, Make & Mary was founded by Yvonne Perez Emerson in 2016 in Portland, Oregon. With roots in folk medicine and heritage craft making, this women owned, Latinx owned brand infuses cannabis aromatherapy and herbal adaptogens into skin care solutions and lifestyle products. We sat down with Yvonne to talk about her experience as a women and minority owed business operating out of Portland, Oregon as well as how she overcomes the challenges faced and stays connected to her mission of supporting and uplifting the community.

"I try not to let my race or gender affect my abilities as a business owner, but I know that it's another hurdle I have to jump as a WOC in the business world. I don't have disposable income and I am competing against folks that might. I have to be pretty resourceful and do a lot of the work myself, that's a challenge, but hopefully short lived. I am trying to build a business that I am proud of and people need. I also want to build this business to be a source of income for others. It would be great to see that happen, and my goal would be to hire POC first. I want Make & Mary to be like a family." As far as challenges go, "work hard, be nice, apply for grants :)"

Yvonne creates magical products with purpose. Make & Mary's CBD Face & Body Serum has 100ml of full spectrum oil. The formula supports cell rejuvenation at the skin’s deepest level and contains carrot Seed, geranium, frankincense, lavender, rosehip, jojoba and hemp seed oils. With their relaunch, Make & Mary introduced two wands— Earth Sister, a desert sun-kissed tint that’s perfect for lips and cheeks and Free Spirit, a gold micca shimmer that sparkles and shines!

But beyond the brand Yvonne is highly inspired and inspiring, creating change in our world through conscious action. She was the founder and president of WeMake here in Portland, Oregon from 2012-2019. WeMake was a non-profit focused on helping foster art and design in Portland, Oregon's creative community through hands-on experiences, creative dialogue, and design-in-action initiatives. WeMake raised over $185,000 for arts education and dedicated the money to support under-served youth. 

We love Make & Mary because on top of their amazing products, Yvonne never stops working toward their mission to support arts education and to inspire and bring the community together. Make & Mary focuses on her community and building them up, that's beyond important! Hosting intimate events for their communities across the United States, some of which incorporate tarot readings and sound baths for the guests, community is core. To find out if there is an upcoming event near you, check out the Make & Mary event calendar.

We need more Green Queens like this in our world, ones that are focused on sustainability, being honest, and uplifting their communities. Yvonne is beyond an amazing roll model and someone we should all be supporting. To check out Make & Mary's full line of products you can click here for their website.