• leighanalynn

Have Better Sex

2020 is right around the corner and this year’s theme is, to focus on loving yourself, spiritual growth, and healing. With the practice of loving yourself comes the responsibility to respect your body and allow for pleasure. Cue Oshihana, a premium cannabis skin care line devoted to sexual wellness and recovery. We're definitely a little biased to this brand and their products, having designed the Oshihana packaging ourselves. But regardless of our love for their packaging, cannabis infused products made for sexual wellness and recovery is something the Ladies of Paradise team is all about.

We met the Oshihana team through the Cannabis Creative Agency portion of the company, when they were looking for a creative agency that could understand their audience. Ladies of Paradise, brought on Alisha as Lead Designer, and expanded our services to not only include lifestyle photography and product photography, but we now design packaging, develop brands and provide the full suite of agency services.

 Oshihana Sexual Wellness & Recovery Oil box designed by Ladies of Paradise, a cannabis creative agency based in Portland, Oregon.

As mentioned in Adweek, we are striving to become the 'go-to' creative agency for cannabis brands looking for that feminine touch and working to empower women. Working with Oshihana and their team is a privilege that allows us to continue our mission of empowering women, and what better way to empower than through a sexual wellness product.

Using certified organic ingredients, Oshihana is dedicated to creating effective, soothing cannabis products with your happiest, healthiest self in mind. Oshihana products work to enhance pleasure and intimacy through self-care and exploration. They believe everyone should have better sex. And you can with their plant-derived skincare line that combines Oregon grown cannabis oil with Certified Organic ingredients to provide the most effective topicals, promoting sexual wellness and recovery with a minimalist approach.

We are all precious and so are our bodies, using toxic ingredients especially for your vagina, can cause health problems. Oshihana never uses parabens, sulfates, emulsifiers, fragrance, GMOs, phthalates, petroleum or silicone. A brand we can wholeheartedly stand behind! All Oshihana products are gentle enough for all body parts and are available at most Oregon dispensaries.

This year we invite you to take take on the theme of self love, growth and healing to explore yourself, love yourself and above all have better sex.