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High Holiday Horror Stories with Ladies of Paradise

We all have one, if you smoke weed that is. Some type of horror story that happened to us during the holidays, either while we were high or revolving cannabis in some way. In light of one of the wildest years many of us have experienced, we want to lighten the mood and bring joy to you in the form of laughter.

So low and behold, the Ladies of Paradise team and our High Horror Stories:


High Hot Tubs

Right before a relaxing massage, I like to take edibles to really sink into it. One day during Christmas break, after my massage I was offered a free soak in their clothing-optional soaking tub. I have always been uncomfortable being nude in front of strangers but this time I was going to challenge my fear and do it anyway. I was incredibly high at this point and nervous as all hell but had made up my mind. I stepped outside and took off my towel, exposing myself to a group of 10 strangers. As i was trying to hurry and get into the tub I stepped into the tub and missed the step. I fell straight into the pool on top of a middle-aged man. I couldn't even speak I was so embarrassed.

Paranoid Party


I was about 18 years old, so keep in mind that cannabis wasn't legal at the time. A couple friends and I decided to partake in the festivities at the party. We were having such a grand old time, so much to the point we couldn't stop laughing (I peed my pants we were laughing so hard). We were eventually asked to leave the apartment. Luckily my mom lived right down the road so we walked home. As we were on our stroll we saw a cop driving down the road, instant paranoia struck us and we ran as fast as we could. I grew up in a small town and had already had an MIP prior to this so I wasn't about to chance it. We walked through the door and booked it to my room! We spent the whole night sitting underneath my window where "the cops couldn't see us" haha. If only I had known they can't test for cannabis...

Thanksgiving with Ariel


It was my first Thanksgiving back after moving to college, while I had secretly always smoked weed, I now had my own bong and smoked in my house like a cool kid [duh]. But what wasn't cool, or smart was bringing my bong home for the holidays with me and then dipping out of Thanksgiving early, "not feeling well", to go take a smoke break.

Well, my family decided to come home early and quite literally 1 minute after exhaling my mom walked in the door. Pissed, because of course it wreaked of weed, they confiscated my buds [more like shake - I was a broke 18 year old college student] and flushed it.

They then took my bong and proceeded to tell me they would be smashing and calling the cops on me. I told them they could not take my bong because it was "my dealers" and worth $600, I couldn't pay that kind of money to a "drug dealer".... It was my bong, the tiny buds [practically shake] were from a trimming job I did in Mendocino and I still have my bong to this day, her name is Ariel, and she's the OG.

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