• leighanalynn

High on Hemp - Sharing the Wealth of CBD Knowledge with Family

The CBD market has been an interesting place for the last few years to say the least. As we see its popularity growing and it becoming more widely excepted, we are also seeing a rise in inferior products coming to market and trying to get in on the "green rush". States like Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and even Vermont are loving hemp and delta 8! And that's because hemp does provide access to a version of the cannabis plant as well as a myriad a benefits for its users, (if it's quality hemp).

In Southern Oregon we saw fields and fields of hemp grown, and started EXTREMELY late, then left and abandoned when the plants didn't produce useable flower. On the retail side of it, we see a plethora of companies that have shady business practices and products that don't even contain CBD (or trace amounts of it), or these companies just use shitty hemp and the seeds and stems.

As the resident weed smoker who works in the 'pot' industry, my family often comes to me for all things hemp, cannabis, and plant medicine related. So my grandma came to me one day to check out these 'CBD' capsules my Aunt was taking. I check it out for her, and in doing so I come across the ingredient, "Hemp Aerial Parts".

Hemp Aerial Parts? What the fuck is a hemp aerial part? I can't say I've ever heard of it and I'm curious as to why it is being used as their CBD source? --- I also feel it is important to mention that this brand is promoted a lot of TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) which is a conservative Christian broadcasting network.

After a quick call to the company, they didn't know what it was and couldn't answer my questions, so I took to looking into it myself where I found (according to CFH.ltd):

"These are the other less desirable parts of the hemp plant including stalks, stems, leaves & seeds."

So this company is promoting their products to older conservative people and those who watch Christian networking a product that is made up of literally stems and seeds. Proving the point that there is a plethora of brands using tricky marketing tactics to sell inferior products at full cost or more.

The irony is that I would imagine many of those watching these commercials were not pro cannabis a few years ago and still may not be. We are seeing large corporations starting to cash in and get high on the hemp rush by creating "CBD capsules" from seeds and stems, but in reality these products are not as effective.

This leads to them turning off a large sector of new users because their products are inferior and less effective.

It's disheartening to see, especially in an industry that has the potential to help so many! But this is why it is important to stay educated and do a little research on who you buy from and what you're buying, then take that knowledge and share it with your family!