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Holidaze Gift Guide

This year's Holidaze Gift Guide includes some of our favorite products, so whether you're shopping for your mom, your partner, your friends, or yourself - here are some absolute must haves!

Toker Poker

Prices vary

The all inclusive smoking tool that will change your life. You never knew you needed this, but trust us when we say, you do.

Kandy Pens - Oura


Anything that makes dabbing easier and less intimidating is a plus, but when they come in cute colors like this and a lifetime warranty, how can you not?!

Quill - CBD Vape


CBD vape pens definitely make the Holiday's easy, but make sure it's one you trust. That's why we choose Quill, because they use quality ingredients with no additives.

Shanti Wellness - CBD Starter Kit


This is the ultimate starter kit for someone looking to explore CBD. It includes the Balance Tincture, the Restore Body Butter, and the Relax CBD Bath Bomb.

Lady Jays - 10 pack of CBD pre-rolls


Dedicated to quality flower with no additives, Lady Jays is perfect during the holiday madness. Great for sharing with friends or keeping to yourself!

1906 - Plant Based Pills

Check with your local dispensary

One of our favorite companies in Colorado, 1906 is creating highly functional formulas that help you do all the life stuff better.

Barbari - Herbal Spliffs


These spliffs are filled with Barbari's Muse Herbal Blend for an easy, incremental lift off.

Lady Jays - CBG Flower

Prices vary

CBG is the newest cannabinoid to join the party, and we are excited to share our new in house strain, Ladies' Orange Peel. To learn more about CBG and the effects it has, read more here.

Make & Mary - Calm Inhaler


Sometimes we just need a reminder to breathe. Make & Mary blended a formula with organic essential oils and terpenes that help reduce tension and to promote a calmer you.