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Holidaze Gift Guide

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift guide for the Holidaze look no further, we have you covered. We had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands for the holiday season and can’t wait to share them with you!

Hakuna Supply 

CBD Coffee Gift Box – $99.95

We love our coffee here at Ladies of Paradise, as we’ve usually got a million projects going on at once a little boost is necessary. But we also love our CBD, so combining the two became an obvious favorite. The CBD mixed with coffee still gives you that boost of energy but takes the anxious edge off for a more balanced buzzed.

Dip Devices

The Dipper – $114.99

The Dipper has been a tried and true favorite for quite some time, and why do you think that is? Because their product rocks! Take big hits dipping, or keep it mellow with the quartz chamber – the versatility is why we will always love the Dipper.

Kandy Pens

RUBI – $49.95

Who needs candy canes when you can get a Kandy Pen? The RUBI is our absolute favorite, but who are we kidding, any of the Kandy Pens make wonderful gifts! And the best part… they have lifetime warranties!

White Label Extracts

See your local dispensary for pricing (Oregon)

If you or someone you know loves to create and also loves dabs, then you need to go to your local dispensary and pick out a nice citrusy dab from White Label Extracts. We are absolutely obsessed with them! We find ourselves regularly taking dabs to help enhance our creativity and productivity. But not just any dab, make sure it’s White Label’s and that it has some Limonene in it, like their Sour Tangie.


East Fork Cultivars Collaboration

Pilot Farms Collaboration

See your local dispensary for pricing (Oregon)

Connivence is everything, and with Quill you not only get that, but you also get an amazing quality product. There recent collaborations with East Fork Cultivators and Pilot Farms make the perfect gift for this season! Even beyond connivence, Quill’s sleek design has been a step ahead the industry since the beginning.


12 pack (any flavor) – $50.00

Each delicious flavor of Sprigs CBD sodas are crafted with 20mg of Colorado-grown hemp, and are naturally sweetened. Their original Citrus is a favorite but we also love their Zero Sugar collection with flavors like Citrus, Lemon Tea, and especially the Melon! The mixed 12 pack makes the perfect gift for someone else or even for yourself!

Humboldt Apothecary 


See your local dispensary for pricing (California)

Want to get that special someone the perfect gift? Check out our favorite tincture from Humboldt Apothecary, the Love Potion is perfect for those cozy nights around the fire! Or if you’re looking for something a little more tame, check out the variety of tinctures they have available.


Cooking Journal – $17.99

Recipe Cards – $8.99

*Bundle to save 15%

The holidays are full of cooking and delicious meals, then following that comes the New Year when people tend to change their diets for the healthier, either way you’re cooking. So what better gift than the new Cooking Journal and Recipe Cards from Goldleaf. If you know someone who love to whip it up in the kitchen, this is the perfect gift!

Asche Industries

Key Roach Clip – $165

Lighter Cover – $29

If you or someone you’re buying for are a modern cannabis smokers that no longer wishes to purchase typical smoking accessories then look no further! Asche Industries cares deeply about style, design, and authenticity, helping you find that perfect, high quality gift. Plus, check out their collab with one of our favorites, Blunted Objects!


prices vary

Obviously if you know of Ladies of Paradise then you know just how much we love Stonedware and their unique geo pipe design! Love, passion, and care go into each pipe. And with a wide variety of styles, not only does it make the perfect gift, but it becomes that special gift no one will forget. P.S. Check out our new collab dropping this month…