• leighanalynn

How and Where To Get Lady Jays in Your State

It's no secret, America is dying to get high! And the states that can't are either sneaking to the states that can, or are rolling their eyes out of sheer desire to also be getting high. That is why hemp is so popular in many of the states that have yet to legalize cannabis. Places like Texas, Connecticut, New Hampshire and even Georgia are dying to get their hands on the variety of hemp strains and now, the hot new minor cannabinoid, Delta 8.

So let's take a look at what it's like in states that tend to be a little more conservative around the cannabis plant but not with their acceptance of hemp (the same plant lol).


Texas is moving quicker than most would think on the hemp front and they are also consuming a lot of it! In the state where everything's bigger it's not a surprise that they are going big into hemp and loving their Delta 8 too!

If you're in Texas you can pick up Lady Jays in:

Houston at CBD Natural Balance

San Antonio at SuperNova Smoke Shop

Austin at Reliv Organix

San Angelo at Full Spectrum CBD


What better place for Lady Jays to exist than Florida, the sunshine state -- and a state that doesn't like to play be the rules;) So if you're ever in Tampa, you can grab yourself a pack of Lady Jays at Lohi.


Oklahoma is more than cool with hemp, they're cool with cannabis and even have full blown dispensaries selling it! And we're excited be sold in one! You can find Lady Jays at Sage Wellness in Oklahoma City.

New Jersey

Well we all know the big news about New Jersey and if you don't we're excited to share it, they've gone recreational! While the dispensaries are not functioning and they are still figuring out the logistics of it all, it's exciting news none the less. And in the meantime, you can find Lady Jays at Hemp & Honey in Edgewater

Everywhere Else in the US

Finally, for everyone else who doesn't have stores cool enough to carry Lady Jays, you should one, tell them to carry us dammit! But more importantly, two, you can just buy them from the Lady Jays site directly and delivered straight to your door easy as that!