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Ladies of Paradise Gift Guide

The holidays are officially here - and this year has been a turbulent year to say the least. This year we are focusing on gifts that bring joy, empower and inspire our loved ones! Which is why we came up with the perfect gift guide from some brands we love and support [as well as our own brands of course].

We hope that no matter what, you are able to find love and joy this holiday season, because no matter where we are or where we aren't, we all deserve to feel love, experience joy and have a good laugh!

So Happy Holidays from the Ladies of Paradise Team! We are all sending love and blessings your way, wishing you and your loved ones happiness and joy filled days!


Ladies Orange Peels CBG Pre-Roll Pack by Lady Jays

CBG - The "Bliss" Cannabinoid - Expand your consciousness

The CBG flower used in these Lady Jays packs is grown using Oregon CBD genetics, creating a high quality product incomparable to other CBG flower on the market. The "Ladies Orange Peel" name was created by Ladies of Paradise (see what we did there?!) because of its strong scent of citrusy orange peels.

Sour Space Candy CBD/CBG Pre-Roll Pack by Lady Jays

The Sour Space Candy/ CBG Blend packs are really special because of the way CBD and CBG work together as a compound cannabinoid. The oranginess of the CBG mixed with the fruitiness of the Sour Space Candy make these jays delicious and smooth.

Master Kush CBD Pre-Roll Pack by Lady Jays

Premium, Pesticide-Free CBD-Rich Flower of TKO’s most popular strain - Master Kush Hemp. Try the rare, designer hemp strain that everyone is talking about. Fueled by a gas and OG flavor profile with sedative and relaxing properties make this strain one of a kind!

Weed Queen Crown by High Society Collection

Release your inner queen with the Weed Queen Crown! Made from brass that is dipped in gold, this piece is a quick and classy way to make any look a little more regal...even that messy bun we just can’t seem to get right. The Weed Queen Crown comes with a classic HSC tamper bun pin so it is easy to wear.

Sweet Jane Mask Chain by High Society Collection

Be Covid safe and show your love for the sweet leaf at the same time! The Sweet Jane Mask Chain has large hook clasps on each end to attach to any mask, and remove before washing or recycling. This mask chain also comes with adapters to become the perfect sunglass leash when the time is right!

High Pony by High Society Collection

The higher the hair, the higher the vibes! Show your love for the sweet leaf and create “dope” hairstyles with the High Pony Holder. Wear one pony holder at a time, or put together an extra clever look with multiple at once! The High Pony Holder can be easily paired with any other HSC hair bobbles to create the perfect combination for any canna queen.

The Session by Kandy Pens

The Most Powerful E-Nail on the Market. Portable & Glass Rig Compatible.

The Oura by Kandy Pens

Awarded "Best Portable Dab Rig of 2020" by The Vape Critic.

Natural Wonder CBD Wand by Make and Mary

The Natural Wonder Moisturizing Wand is a nourishing balm infused with pure frankincense and lavender in a base of calendula, shay butter, hemp seed oil and 50mg of full spectrum CBD extract. This little wand is just what you need to soften & shine.

Calm Inhaler by Make and Mary

Sometimes we just need a reminder to breathe. We’ve blended two formulas with organic essential oils including Cannabis Essential oil that uses the power of terpenes to help reduce tension and to promote a calmer you.

Higher than a Spaceship Sweatshirt by Ladies of Paradise

A Ladies of Paradise original design with only a limited quantity left! Better act fast for this goodie, only available while supplies last.

Large Re-Stash Jar by Ladies of Paradise

A collaboration with Re-Stash these jars are reusable and child proof! Approved for use in Oregon, California, and Colorado as well as multiple other states these jars can be used for stashing you legal cannabis or your CBD. Helping it stay safe and high quality.

Balancing + Grounding Tincture by Poplar

This Adaptogen Balance is a blend of complementary herbs that supports you through the ups, downs, highs and low lows of daily life.

Restorative Superfood Latte by Poplar

A traditional turmeric latte in a powdered blend includes essential superfoods to support glowing skin, debloating, and immunity.