• leighanalynn

Magical Mantras for Divine Timing

Time is an interesting thing isn't, sometimes it just seems to slip from out reality and we don't know how it went by so fast. Then other times it feels like time has stopped all together or very slowly creeps along. Time seems to be subjective and many say it doesn't even exist!

And to be honest, we're not sure ~ some things support that time doesn't exist while others support that it does. One thing we know for sure is that Divine Timing exists and is a beautiful beautiful thing!

As manifesting tends to go, the more you seem to think about, talk about and mildly obsess over divine timing [and actively practicing gratitude] the more divine timing seems to exist in your life [speaking from personal experience].

So in the honor of calling in that Divine energy and aligning with Divine Timing, this mantra was created. Repeat 3-9 times for the best results. We also recommend saying out loud daily for an extended period of time, like 3 days, a week, or even a month!

I am divine,

My timing is divine,

What I need flows to me with ease,

I am exactly where I need to be.

One thing that is highly important to note is that we all have the power within to be who we want to be, nothing that you were before determine who you are now or who you are becoming! So allow yourself to talk with and connect with that Divine energy. You are worthy, I promise!

Sending you love,

Fly high baby, the world is yours!