• leighanalynn

Magical Mantras for Personal Growth

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Too often we stick ourselves into these teeny tiny boxes of "who we are" and "who we have to be". Even if we don't fit into those boxes or want to be in those boxes. Many of us feel the need to continue to be who we always have been. Feeling restricted and unable to grow or change for whatever fears we may have. Whether it's fear of losing friends, fear of upsetting your family and peers, etc. these fears hold us back, but they don't have to.

One of my favorite mantras and most powerful mantras I believe, helps those who practice it understand that we are not bound to our past. That we are allowed to change and we are allowed to transform! That's actually what most of life is! Transforming and adapting, so that old saying, "people can't change" - toss that shit out the window!!

While there are lots of fears, and legitimate ones at that, that may *try* to hold us back from that growth, we are the only ones who can truly hold ourselves back, but again, we don't have to let it! Riffing a little off FDR, the only thing stopping us, is fear itself.

We can get so stuck within our own heads, getting caught in that endless cycle of wanting to do better, wanting to be better but not allowing ourselves the space to actually work on growth. Instead we punish ourselves over and over. And guess what, that's not cool. Be kind to yourself yo!

So let's all take a deep breath and say it with me:

Nothing that I was before determines who I am now or who I am becoming.

Nothing that I was before determines who I am now or who I am becoming.

Nothing that I was before determines who I am now or who I am becoming.

That feels good doesn't it? It feels go to know that NOTHING that you were before, have done before, have seen before, etc. determines who you are NOW in this moment and who you are becoming. Only you get to decide who you are and who you want to be, and honestly you could switch it up everyday if you wanted to!!

So don't beat yourself up, don't bully yourself and talk bad to yourself. Instead take a deep breath, recognize where you are and know that this moment is the only thing that is real and you get to be whoever the fuck you want to be in that moment.

Be kind to yourself.