• leighanalynn

Magical Mantras for Releasing Stress

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

For as long as I can remember [and even before then] society has put an emphasis on productivity. Making people believe that the busier you are the more successful and 'cool' you are. But why is that?

Why do we consistently stress ourselves out and withhold our personal boundaries from ourselves? The answer is a complicated and complex one, one that has to do with decades and decades of corporations, schools and propaganda telling us that it's what we want. That chasing this "American dream" will make us happy and fulfill us. But when COVID first came about, it forced many of us to slow the fuck down, and that made us realize just how unhappy and unfulfilled we were/are.

Many of us welcome stress into our lives without even knowing it. Whether that is the stress of not knowing what to eat, wear, or say, etc. And to be clear, there are a plethora of ways we stress ourselves out and not all of them are as simple or trivial as what's listed above. Some of the ways we stress ourselves out are much more complex and detailed and run very deep within our perceived worlds.

But now more than ever we have the chance to fully slow down, assess the situation and decide how and where we want to live our life. How we want to design our life. There is a quite literal revolution happening now and now is our chance to redesign the world, to do better, to be better, to educate ourselves and to grow way beyond where we are now.

So let's dive into some positive affirmations for releasing stress. Because when we stop and work on releasing stress we can get a clearer view of our life and how we want to live it.