• leighanalynn

Magical Monday Mantras for Letting Go of Expectations

In this world we often hold ourselves to unobtainable standards. Expecting ourselves to exceed and constantly produce, and if we're not holding ourselves to those standards we feel like we're not good enough. And as if this standard of productivity isn't harmful enough, we also hold ourselves to a myriad of other standards like beauty standards, social standards, etc.

This is all incredibly unhealthy though! Unhealthy for our bodies, for our minds and for our spirit. We can not expect so much of ourselves and others 24/7, 365 without experiencing negative consequences. And MANY of us experience these negative consequences. From eating disorders, to anxiety and depression, to stomach issues and ulcers, and so many other negative consequences, it is time we slow down and ask why? Why do we hold ourselves to unreachable standards that make us feel shitty?

Well, we may not have the actual answer for why, but we do know you can stop these expectations. You can release them and free yourself from the binds they hold yourself and others in. We all have the power to release ourselves from them! It takes patience and practice, but I promise it is possible.

How to Let Go of Expectations

  1. Say 'NO' more This is something many of us [especially women] have such a hard time doing. But I promise you can say no! You can set boundaries and decide when your plate is full, when you don't have time, or if you simply don't want to. Saying no will help take things off your plate and help you manage others expectations of you [not that you should even have to manage those]. And side note, if they have a problem with you saying no, then that's everything you need to know about them!

  2. Setting Boundaries While this can be saying no at times, setting boundaries can be more than that and is so important for keeping your mental health up! Boundaries allow you the space you need to heal/grow/dance/do whatever YOU NEED! And again, if someone has a problem with this, this is everything you need to know about that person/job/etc.

  3. Be Kind This means not only being kind to others which is a great thing to practice ALL THE TIME, but BEING KIND TO YOURSELF! The way we speak to ourselves sets the tone for how others speak and treat us. So be mindful of the tone you talk to yourself in and the things you say. We often are the ones that hold ourselves back when we need to be our own biggest cheerleaders.

  4. Positive Affirmations Mantras and positive affirmations truly are a great way to assist you on your journey in life. No matter what it is you are working towards, positive affirmations help you stay in a positive mindset. It has been scientifically proven that positive affirmations have profoundly positive effects. Our mental attitude is so important and repeating positive affirmations or mantras is a great way to help get your mind into the right mindset.

I do not have to be anything

Just being is enough

I will let go of the expectations I have placed upon myself

I will just be today

We ask that you remember you are perfect the way you are! So don't put all these expectations on yourself, authenticity is beauty.

And As Always,

Fly high baby, the world is yours.