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Mama's Deserve Bliss - Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mama's deserve bliss more than anyone and isn't this the God damned truth! From the absolute miracle of childbirth to the amount of love and energy that mother's give to their children, mom's deserve bliss, even if for a moment and Lady Jays wants to help all moms, your mom, find that bliss! With CBG and Delta 8, now your mom can this Mother's Day.

That's freaking right! I think you should buy your mom a pack of joints for Mother's Day this year and here's why. CBD has been used for anti-anxiety and we all know that mom's tend to be pretty anxious, usually from worry about their children all the damn time, which really is pretty sweet.

And if you stick true to the Lady Jays rebellious motto, Rule #1, Don't Follow the Rules, then I'm sure you've given your mother an anxiety attack or 5, so really more than just some CBD, CBG or Delta 8 to calm her down, we have a list of ideas for things mom would probably really appreciate this mother's day! And of course, we threw in some dope products for the cool cannamom's too;)

Ladies of Paradise Mother's Day Gift Guide

  1. Book her a pedicure A good foot scrub and rub is so relaxing! Especially if you find somewhere good that knows a thing or two about reflexology. We hold so much tension in our feet! Releasing that can help mom's relax and achieve some of the bliss they deserve.

  1. Lady Jays Ladies Orange Peels CBG Grown by Marshall Farming, a sustainable hemp farm in Southern Oregon, the Ladies Orange Peels is a staple CBG strain and one of the best sellers. CBG is known as the bliss cannabinoid and known for its euphoric effects which mom will love.

2. Cannabomz Mermaid Lagoon Bath Bomb Bathe in the blue of the Caribbean with our best selling scent! Made with eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, and jasmine organic essential oils topped with dead sea Epsom salts.

3. Lady Jays Hawaiian Haze/CBG Blend Another CBG blend, which is known for the blissful effect, the Hawaiian Haze is a fruitier hemp blend done by Mission Lago Farms of Southern Oregon. Mom will enjoy the blend of CBD and CBG which gives off an anti-anxiety effect as well as that euphoric bliss.

4. High Society Collection Signature Joint Clip Necklace Their Signature Necklace is a balance of form and function. A cool Art Deco piece, the design features a unique sliding mechanism. Simply pull the slide back and the clip springs open. Then to clip, move the slider forward and the device is tightly secured.

5. Cannabomz Vibe Cleanse Bath Bomb Cleanse away bad vibes with our blend of clove, lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus organic essential oils topped with rosemary trimmings.

6. Common Ground Rosewood CBD Body Creme With a heavy Linalool profile, their Rosewood creme is perfect for a relaxing, evening application.

7. Book her a massage This is something pretty much every wants! And something that your mom will be especially thankful for. Nothing is more relaxing than an amazing massage.

8. Lady Jays Delta 8 Sour Space Candy Another best seller, Delta 8 is Delta 9 (aka THCs) cousin that some feel provides a mild psychoactive effect, this for the moms who love their weed and/or their wine. Don't knock it till you try it;)

9. High Society Collection Eyes of the Beholder Earrings The Eyes of the Beholder Earring is a combination of the evil eye and sweet leaf shape. Evil eyes protect against curses and the sweat leaf brings us to a higher place. What more could one need? Well... This earring can also be a special holder for the beholder.