• leighanalynn

Mantra Monday: Be Here Now

So often we are chasing the next thing, thinking about tomorrow, or a week from now, even years from now! We are all guilty of not allowing ourselves to fully 'be here now' or enjoy the pleasure we have in the moment we are in.

And don't beat yourself up if you're like "me, me, that's me!" because honestly, I am a serial "what's happening next" type of thinker and that's okay! We all have to start our journey somewhere and we are not perfect, nor is anyone - so don't strive for it and be nasty to yourself when you're not.

It is through practice and shifting our mindsets to find joy in the present that we can achieve gratitude for the present. This is not some magical revelation that happens over night, but one that takes love, practice, patience and fuck ton of discipline!

So to help you with this, we've put together some affirmations to be repeated today and anytime you find yourself needing to ground in the moment and stop the brain from racing forward.

Positive Affirmations to Be Here Now

Today I will be content.

Not looking in front of me or behind me to find satisfaction.

Today I will be grateful.

I will count the blessings of all the things I already encompass.

Again, this takes a plethora of patience, self-love and discipline. A few more tips for how you can practice being here now is through yoga, meditation, and even tapping into your 5 senses with this exercise.

Tap Into the Present Moment Exercise:

Look around you in your present moment and name:

5 things you see

4 things you feel

3 things you hear

2 things you smell

1 thing you taste

Above all else, remember to be kind to yourself and your spirit. We are all learning and we are all coping with this crazy life. Remember that you are an interstellar being enjoying the human experience, so enjoy it! Enjoy it for all it's embarrassing and trying moments because with out those we don't learn lessons, we don't not grow or expand and the simple pleasures in life are taken for granted.