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Monday Mantra for Releasing Control

In society often times the word surrender comes with a negative connotation. As if you are weak if you surrender, but really, we know that's just not true. It takes faith, trust, and courage to fully surrender, to go with the proverbial flow and allow ourselves to let it be. Surrendering is something that takes much practice and discipline, but when we surrender to the flow of life is when we begin to experience beautiful and powerful changes.

There is truly not a lot we can control in life, except our behaviors and actions. When things don't quite go our way or we get caught up in a vision and expectation, we have two choices. One, to allow that to ruin our day and to well up with anger and frustration. Or two, we can choose to accept and surrender to the situation. When we do this and choose acceptance we make our journey easier by not resisting and struggling through the process.

When we surrender to the Universe and the ride waves she sends we can learn to release control. If you imagine life as waves, think how easy it is to drown when we start freaking out, flailing our arms and gasping for air. Then think about how when you relax and let the wave wash over you, you can calmly find the perfect time to rise up when the wave is not thrashing. Life is like this, unpredictable and uncontrollable but that is what makes it a beautiful experience.

Repeating mantras is a great way to realign yourself with your intentions and focus your energy on the end feeling, goal, or thought. Mantras are extremely powerful and so are our words. Stating mantras out loud activates Throat Chakra and helps your speak them into existence.

Mantras for Releasing Control

Focusing on surrendering this week, our mantras are aligned with releasing control and welcoming acceptance.

Even though I can't control everything

I have the power to control my thoughts

I will see the silver lining in everything this world my throws my way

I am innovative

I am creative

I am smart

Today I will be thankful for the things I can control

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