• leighanalynn

Monday Mantra for Self-Love & Respect

Often we strive for this idea of perfection, the perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect body, and on and on. In this empty and never ending search for perfection we hurt ourselves, we compromise our souls to feed the ego, and above all we take advantage of this Earth.

But it doesn't have to be that way! Instead of constantly resisting, we can slow down and accept and allow. We can take life as it is and ENJOY IT! Versus constantly taking it all for granted. When we stop beating ourselves up in the chase for perfection, and slow down to love and respect ourselves, as well as Mother Earth - we see beautiful and miraculous changes.

Consuming plant medicines can help aid this journey and help strengthen the respect you should have for yourself and this planet. Mother Nature is here to help us and guide us so long as we respect her and show our gratitude for all that we have.

There are a number of plant medicines in the world, all with their own specialties and benefits. Ladies of Paradise has recently begun a series called Integrating Plant Medicines, we started with Cacao & CBD, discussing the benefits of intentional consumption.

Whether you are looking to start your journey towards self-love and respect or whether you are already on that journey, mantras are a great way to realign yourself with your intentions and focus your energy on the end feeling, goal, or thought. Mantras are extremely powerful and so are our words. Stating mantras out loud activates Throat Chakra and helps your speak them into existence.

Mantras for Self-Love, Respect, & Plant Medicine

This week focus your energy on love and respect, inhale love in and exhale love out.

I respect and love myself and everything Mother Nature has given me.

I consume plant medicine to learn and evolve while giving thanks to the plant itself.

I am apart of a greater whole. 

I am the universe.

Never forget that you are the Universe experiencing itself in infinite ways. We are all stars and have the ability to connect deeply with Life Source. So be a little kinder to yourself this week and try to remind yourself that you are human, enjoying the human experience - this is all apart of it. So take deep breathes and continue to breathe love in and exhale love out.