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Music To Get High To: Dynasty Electrik Forges a New Path with ‘Chasing a Rainbow’

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As many of you who are familiar with Ladies of Paradise know, we love all things "woo-woo". Which is why we are so excited to share Dynasty Electrik's new album Chasing a Rainbow with you.

Over the past few years, Dynasty Electrik, musicians Jenny Deveau & Seth Misterka, built up a beautiful sound bath community in Venice Beach, CA, hosting ceremonies for thousands of people. At the beginning of the pandemic, the duo quickly adapted their Friday night sound bath to an online format, first on Facebook, and eventually moving to Zoom. “We spent several weeks finding the best way to achieve a clear online sound, with crystal singing bowls, soundscapes and vocals,” says Misterka. The result is a surprisingly powerful online experience, with many of their guests reporting better sleep, deep relaxation, relief of physical symptoms, and peace of mind. “We are grateful for this international online community that’s been forming and for our newfound ability to expand in this way,” Deveau shares. 

You can tune in every Friday night at 7:30 PST/ 10:30pm EST and join their New Moon & Full Moon Ceremonies. Free Registration is at dynastyelectrik.com. Dynasty Electrik also offers sound baths and music via their Youtube Channel and on IGTV.

And, the duo has something else, something special to share with us, a beacon of light in an otherwise challenging year. Over the weekend, Dynasty Electrik released the album Chasing a Rainbow, available on Spotify and Apple Music. Their new album is a point of departure for Jenny & Seth because it fuses their sound healing music with their songwriting and electronic music: "It has definitely been a joyful and healing process for us, and so it is our hope to bring some of these positive feelings into people’s lives through the music.”

What can people expect from your virtual sound baths?

Jenny & Seth: We tailor each virtual sound bath to the specific astrological influence and vibrational feel of that week. For example, lunar cycles, eclipses, and the current position of planets in the solar system all have a profound effect for life on Earth. We typically begin by describing the current astrological influences, then offering a blessing, chanting a mantra and ultimately moving into a series of relaxing soundscapes with crystal singing bowls, synthesizers, nature sounds, and gong. Sometimes we are joined by our friend Leah Lau for an Akashic records reading and meditation at the end of the ceremony. We also occasionally have sponsors including Bath Brew, and Collective Laboratories, who offer special gifts for participants. Emerge From the Fog is a bath brew of essential oils and crystals, along with a 20 minute sound bath meditation by Dynasty Electrik.

Photo by Amy Smyth

How can sound baths help soothe anxiety? Bring people together? Cultivate inner peace during troubled times?

Jenny & Seth: With the beating of our hearts, the rhythm of our circulation and the melody and rhythm of our language, we are inherently musical beings. Thus music is able to deeply influence us physically, psychologically, and spiritually. The intention behind the music is very important because the effects of sound are so wide ranging. Our sound bath is created with the intention of establishing a peaceful and meditative state of mind for the listener. We employ gentle, melodic, and harmonic sounds in order to relax the nervous system, soothe anxiety and create an inner sense of peace. Music also helps to bring people together because it is a universal language, and listening to music is an inherently social act that transcends cultural and national divisions. 

We hear you’ve relocated to your mountain cabin from Los Angeles. How have these surroundings inspired your sound?

Jenny & Seth: Just before the lockdown in Los Angeles began, we had an intuition that we should retreat to our mountain cabin in Crestline, CA, aptly named Mile High Retreat. It proved to be the right move for us and helped us to achieve a peaceful harmony with nature. The sounds of nature are inherently relaxing and peaceful — the singing of the birds, the cascading noise of a waterfall, the babbling of a brook, the wind in the trees. We record many of these sounds and incorporate them into our music.

Mile High Retreat is a center for mystical arts and nature experiences. We are currently offering sound healer training and astrological readings online. We look forward to hosting in-person experiences once again. 

Your new album Chasing a Rainbow was produced during quarantine. Can you tell us about it?

Jenny & Seth: In a strange way, it was a beautiful gift to be able to stay at home and work on this album.  Normally, we are quite busy with live performances, but we were able to really focus on the recordings instead. We experienced a lot of loss on a personal level in 2019, so the music on this album started off as a kind of healing from that. Chasing a Rainbow took on another dimension in light of the quarantine and became a source of healing for us from the anxiety and loss during this time as well.

Make sure you head over to Spotify or Apple Music to listen to the new album, Chasing a Rainbow, and follow their journey on IG.