• leighanalynn

New Year, Highest You

Every time we get to a new year we all hear it, ‘New Year, New You’ when that’s just not reality and not the way the world works. While yes, celebrating the New Year by setting goals and pushing ourselves to be the best versions of our selves can be a positive thing and even have a positive impact! But entertaining the idea that you will be a completely different person is egotistical and harmful to your truest and highest self.

With 2020 almost here, it is imperative that we are working to accept the dark that is within us, not just the light. During this time of year as it gets colder and darker many of us slow down and pull within ourselves, which makes this a perfect time to take a look at our own darkness or ‘Shadow Selves’. While of course we may not like what we see and we all dislike parts of ourselves, it is so important to let that negativity go and to accept and love ALL parts of ourselves.

When we constantly put ourselves down and talk negatively about our Shadow Selves, when we deny that part of ourselves we never allow ourselves the opportunity to grow. There is no good without bad and no bad without good, so instead of beating ourselves up to try and be this ‘New Person’, just assess where you want to grow and what steps you will take in order to be consciously moving toward your highest self. Like Yin and Yang, it is all about balance.

While working to be our Highest Selves, pun intended, we must slow down, open our minds and question the things that make us uncomfortable. Because in all reality, the journey to becoming your Highest Self is one full of uncomfortable moments and hard work. But lucky for us ‘stoners’, cannabis can help slow down and open your mind in order to make those conscious steps and keep positive.

Think, what is the best version of yourself? What makes you the most happy? What fulfills your soul? Dream big! Don’t be afraid! Because if you limit yourself in your dreams, what are limiting yourself to when you’re conscious?

Steps to starting your journey to your Highest Self:

1. Authenticity is an absolute must!

What does authenticity mean to you? What are you doing to be your most authentic self? Do you feel comfortable being your most authentic self with people you surround yourself with?

“Allow yourself to be the most AUTHENTIC version of yourself”

2. Give yourself a fucking break!

Guess what, we’re all human [most of us at least], and humans make mistakes. There is no perfect human out there I can promise you! So stop beating yourself up over things that in the grand scheme of your life, probably don’t matter.

3. Love Yourself

We are in a time where self care is appreciated and popular, and this is great! Self care is SO important! So keep it up and do the things that make you feel cared for, valued, and able to relax! Life is stressful, enjoy what you can when you can and know that you are a fabulous person who is deserving of love!

Want to take an extra step to begin your journey? Do you live in Oregon? Send a message to us here. We will be hosting a small, private event in January to further this conversation and spread love!

At the end of the day, we are here to shift the paradigm and to raise the consciousness of this planet. 2020 is time to usher in a new era, it’s time we vote out politicians that are stuck in the deep pockets of greedy corporations and who do not serve the people. It’s time we channel our Highest Selves and use positivity and our voices to change this world. Because I promise you, if you are willing to show up, do the work, and if you continue to believe in yourself, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!