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Putting Your Money Where Your Morals Are ~ Conscious Consumerism

We live in a world of instant pleasure and gratification and it makes it harder to make good, right and just decisions. For example, you need some garbage bags, but now most garbage bags are made of plastic and then you ended up ordering them from Amazon and it just all goes downhill so fast!

Like they talk about in The Good Place, we don't always know the consequences of the decisions we make. But this year, 'not knowing' is not an excuse when it comes to WHERE you shop.

Boo Amazon

We all know supporting small business is very important, but I don't think many of us truly grasp just HOW important. For example Amazon has doubled its profits over quarantine and Jeff Bezos has gotten $637 BILLION dollars richer while over 30% of small businesses have closed their doors, a large number of them for good.

While there is a whole slew of problems and caveats to the Amazon catastrophe it is important that we remember we can choose to shop locally and support small businesses for a large number of the items we purchase. It is important to understand though and I want to recognize that not everyone is able to so and that for some shopping at Amazon and big box stores is the only place budget will allow. Which is why if you CAN support local and shop small it is your duty to do so.

Sustainability is Cool

And please know, this does not have to be expensive! For example, need cleaning supplies? Have you checked out Grove Collaborative? They are an online platform for house supplies such as soaps, cleaners, and even beauty products. They are working towards plastic free living and have cleaning sets that are glass bottles and come with small concentrate forms of the cleaning product. You just put in your glass bottle, mix with water and are able to continue using that bottle over and over so you are not wasting plastic.

While it may seem expensive, the great part about Grove Collaborative is that offer first time cleaning kits, depending on the sale available you can often get entire cleaning kits for as little as $40 -$75. I spent $60 and got two glass spray bottles with concentrates for an all purpose cleaner and floor cleaner. I also got a reusable ceramic dish and bamboo cleaning brush, bamboo paper towels [2 rolls], bamboo toilet paper [4 rolls], Mrs. Myers Dish Soap, Mrs. Myers Hand Soap, Mrs. Myers All Purpose Spray Cleaner, Natural Fiber Sponges, and Recycled Plastic Trash Bags --- yeah, like I said a lot can come in the free cleaning kits!

Etsy is the Shit

If you don't shop on Etsy you should. And if you've never check Etsy out - stop everything and go there now!

When looking on Etsy, it is smart to get as specific as possible because they literally have just about everything on there and what's awesome is you are truly supporting small businesses and small artisans when you shop with Etsy. While there are a lot of artisans who have moved their work to their own sites [and you should support them there!] Etsy is a great resources for finding pieces you would not normally be able to find in a Google search.

There really is something for everyone on Etsy.

5 Simple Ways to Shop Small + More Sustainably

So back to the overarching topic conscious consumerism, it is obviously an extremely complex topic, that has a plethora of variables. But if there is anything to take away and make it quite simple, it's these five rules:

  1. Support small businesses this holiday season and forever

  2. Don't shop at Amazon

  3. Don't support fast fashion

  4. Buy as little plastic as possible

  5. Use Etsy

And if you need ideas, WE'VE GOT YOU!!

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