• leighanalynn

Self Care Ritual with Ladies of Paradise

Yes, we all know about self care and how important it is. With self-care becoming one of the overplayed themes of last year, it's safe to say you may be feeling a little burnt out on "self-care", or at least the idea of what we know "self-care" to be.

The idea of self care and what we project onto that term versus what actual self care is, has us neglecting ourselves and not giving ourselves the nourishment we really need. In our current society and especially after a year of COVID, self-care tends to be thought of as face masks and yoga, or maybe even as an extra big glass of wine. Which yes, that can be deemed self care, but is that nourishing for your soul? Does that fill you up and give you the nourishment you need?

Because what I believe it all really comes down too is: Nourishment.

Does it replenish and revive your soul, do you feel better and lighter and more aligned after your self care activity? Because if not, there's a chance your "self care" is geared toward the ego or done for clout or even just for the sake of getting it done to get it done; instead of TRULY being done for yourself and to care for and nourish soul.

But what does it even mean to nourish your soul? Well to start, we each have a unique code within us. A code that is made up of our desires, our passions, and our soul's purpose. No two people's codes are the same! So whatever it is that aligns with your soul's desires, passions and purpose, should be how you care for yourself. Soul nourishment is unique to each of experiences because each of our souls are different.

That being said, there are some soul nourishing self care activities that you can do to nourish your soul that work for almost anyone. Just remember along the way, this is your journey and so it is ultimately up to you what feels right and nourishing.

3 Soul Nourishing Self Care Activities:


Forever and always journaling will be one of the number one ways to get in touch with yourself and aligned with your souls desires. Don't believe me? Challenge yourself to write a minimum of 3 pages every morning for the next month (a challenge in The Artist's Way which we HIGHLY recommend).

The 3 G's - Go Outside, Ground, and Gratitude

A magnificent way that will help ground you and bring you to your center. Getting outside and grounding by placing your bare feet on the ground is so replenishing! Then take it a step further and start to let your mind wonder about all that you are grateful for! This can start as simply as appreciating your gratitude for all the beautiful flowers.

Dance Party!

Dancing and movement in general is pure medicine. No matter what type of music you like, moving your body and dancing one out changes your vibration. So I dare you to cue up a few of your favorite songs to dance to and get wild for a minute. I have never in my life regret having a dance session and I have a strong feeling you won't either.

Again, it is important to remember that everyone's soul nourishing self care activities look different. But it is important to set time aside for them and for yourself. As Summer comes into full effect, many of us are having a hard time saying no to going out and our schedules are filling up quick! (Speaking from experience here). And as they should! We deserve some fun after the hell we just went through, but self nourishment and soul nourishment is still crucial and can't be thrown out the window. We must set boundaries and fill our cups. So cheers! To full cups and a hot Summer;)