• leighanalynn

Self-Love Shouldn't Feel Like A Chore

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Self-love has been a big topic and huge theme in the last few years. Becoming a priority to many, we are starting to see self-love as crucial and something that is highly valued. And while this is so so SO amazing, and exciting to see our priorities as a society slowly begin to shift, it's important to remember that self-love shouldn't feel like a chore.

Having love for the self and accepting yourself is extremely important but it is crucial that we put an emphasis on the love part and true love at that. Many times we stress ourselves out with self-set expectations of what we must do, even when it comes to self-love. Forcing ourselves to do these elaborate routines and rituals, even when we're not feeling it.

Honoring yourself is important and we're not saying elaborate routines and rituals are bad! But sometimes self-love is just lounging around. Sometimes self-love is sleeping in or going to bed early. Sometimes self-love is just going for a walk or taking the day off.

As most of us were forced to slow down we saw that this hyper productive way of society is not ideal or really that beneficial. This idea and secret desire to constantly be busy is not one that brings joy, it mainly brings stress and anxiety actually. So it is important to also take a step back and see how we are applying that hyper productive conditioning to our self-love and self-care rituals and routines -- and how we can take a step back to truly honor our highest self.

Ways to Honor Yourself + Practice Self-Love

Reinforce + Uphold your Boundaries

Boundaries are hard. Upholding your boundaries even harder. But it is something that is so crucial to our mental health, to our personal growth and to our spiritual growth. Boundaries help us create a space that we feel safe and well nurtured in as well as a space that promotes growth and development.

Stop Setting Insane Standards

The journey to true self-love and acceptance and authenticity is not linear. Like the ocean we ebb and flow but overtime we are shaped into the beautiful and unique beings that we are. And because our journey's are not linear [as well as something that can not be forced], we must not apply the hyperactive standards we do in our work lives and personal lives, to our spiritual life.

Don't Stress About Routines

With so many guides to rituals and routines for beauty and wellness out there, it can get overwhelming. IG and other social media platforms show us a constant stream of "perfection" [that's not real] and can leave us feeling guilty for not upholding some rigorous standard of self-love and self-care.

Our moods and energies shift and change, especially for women we are not operating on the same static energy every day. Meaning that our routines should shift and change with how we are feeling. And some days we will be all about those in depth routines, while others we may just say a few affirmations to ourselves -- both are perfectly okay and both are self-love.